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Computer Systems Engineering with a Year in Industry

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Computer Systems Engineering with a Year in Industry

  • UCAS code HG19
  • Option 4 years full time
  • Year of entry 2019

This programme is currently under development and may be subject to change

The course

To follow


The programmes provide progressive structures in which students are able to broaden their knowledge and understanding, and appropriate skills in Computer Sciences and Electronic Engineering enabling them to graduate ready for employment in industry.  The programmes contain a combination of mandatory courses in Computer Sciences and Electronic Engineering to introduce students to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills relevant to professional practice, with a range of stage three specialist options such as Computer and Network Security Systems, renewable energy systems, smart transportation, voice and music technologies, human factors and healthcare engineering.

  • to engage students imaginatively in the process of learning through creative hands-on group and individual project based activities, enabling them to develop independent critical thinking and judgement;
  • to enable students' understanding of the fundamentals of computer technologies and electrical/electronic engineering encourage students to appreciate how electronics and computer systems engineering is the heart of many systems used on a daily basis, including mobile communications systems, computer system, transport systems, energy systems, software engineering medical applications, domestic appliances, TV, radio, music studios and gaming devices;
  • to equip students with the technical knowledge, practical skills and confident verbal and written communication abilities that are key to successful industrial team working in computer sciences and electronic engineering;
  • to produce graduates that fully meet the demands required for employment in industry;
  • to develop an understanding of working in groups ;
  • to prepare students to present reasoned verbal and written arguments in a confident manner; gain experience in the application of creativity in solving engineering problems;
  • to encourage an awareness of environmental and social issues, investigating new materials and using them in ways that have a beneficial effect on humanity;

The year in an industrial placement will provide real world experience of how electronic engineering and computer sciences impacts on the world around us. It gives an appreciation of the importance of well-managed product development in a competitive environment. Students will have completed two years of their programme and therefore will be able to apply methods and techniques they have learned and extend their knowledge, understanding and practical skills in the workplace.

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