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Financial information

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Find out where our money comes from, how we spend it and our economic impact

Royal Holloway has an annual income of around £167 million (2016/17). We estimate that we contribute £481.2m to the UK economy.

Our financial statements

Our recent financial statements can be downloaded here. Each statement includes a report by our Auditors and the following wording is at their request.

"Financial statements are published on the College’s website in accordance with legislation in the United Kingdom governing the preparation and dissemination of financial statements, which may vary from legislation in other jurisdictions. The maintenance and integrity of the company’s website is the responsibility of the Council. The College Council's responsibility also extends to the ongoing integrity of the financial statements contained therein."

Where our money comes from

In 2015-16, we had a total income of £163.5m. The sources of this income were as follows:

  • Tuition fees £96.8m
  • Research grants & contracts £16.3m
  • Funding body grants £20.4m
  • Endowment & investment income £3.2m
  • Other income £26.8m

How we spend our money

In 2015-16, we spent £153.2m as follows:

  • Academic departments £63.9m
  • Student services support,
  • recruitment & facilities £11.7m
  • Bursaries & scholarships £8.8m
  • Residences & catering £17.3m
  • Premises £15.6m
  • Academic services £14.9m
  • Research grants & contracts £10.7m
  • Central administration & services £9.6m
  • Other £0.7m

Find out more about our income and expenditure.

Key investment projects

We use any money left over from funding day-to-day running costs on capital projects such as the new George Eliot halls or Science Building.

Our economic impact

Independent analysis shows we have a significant impact on both the local and national economy. We contribute:

  • £481.2m to the national economy
  • £221m to Surrey
  • £167m to the Borough of Runnymede

Royal Holloway employees spend £58.5m in the UK.

We also have a significant impact on employment as follows:

  • We employ 1,335 staff
  • We support 3,400 jobs in the Borough of Runnymede
  • We support 4,462 jobs in Surrey
  • The value of contracts given to companies in Runnymede and Surrey is £4.1m

We estimate that our economic impact will grow by 20% by 2020/21 when we hope to be attracting a maximum of 10,500 students. We have capped student numbers at this level to preserve the intimate campus experience students value so highly.

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