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Fees, funding and costs

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Fees, funding and costs

Here you can find out the tuition fees for our Study Abroad programmes, details of scholarships and other possible funding opportunities, and a guide to what your weekly living costs are likely to be.

The fees for Study Abroad vary depending on how long you want to study at Royal Holloway  and whether you’re from one of our partner universities.

  • Always apply through your international office - this way, if you’re a student from one of our partner universities, you’ll be charged a discounted fee.
  • If you are applying from the US through the Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University or Arcadia University College of Global Studies, you will pay an agreed package fee covering both your tuition and your accommodation.
  • Your tuition fee will cover all social events and cultural trips.
  • The tuition fee for Masters students is £17,000 for the full calendar year.  Students who stay for less than a year will be billed monthly on a pro rata basis.


Tuition and accommodation fees

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