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Choose your modules

Choose your modules

As a visiting student at Royal Holloway, you can choose from a wide range of modules. And at the end of your stay, you can transfer the credits that you’ve earned back to your home university.

Before starting choosing your modules, it’s important you read the following information about modules, module levels and module selection. 

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Our Pre-sessional English language programmes can bring your English up to the level you need to join us at Royal Holloway.

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Need guidance choosing your module? Contact our Admissions team using the enquiry form. We’re here to help.

Module information for incoming Exchange and Study Abroad students

Module options that are available for visiting students in each academic department are displayed in the links below (to view these you will need a PDF viewer).

NB. We are in the process of updating the module lists for the 2024-25 academic year and aim to have these all done by the start of April 2024. If you are applying to study at Royal Holloway from September 2024, please check back here to view the updated lists, to be sure that your choices are still running and to see any new modules. You will be able to go into your application to update your choices before the 24th May deadline.

Contemporary Britain modules - exclusive for visiting students

Whilst you are in the UK, why not find out more about the society and culture around you with our two Contemporary Britain modules? These modules can be taken for 15 UK credits each (7.5 ECTS), but are also available to 'audit', where you come to lectures and seminars but do not need to take the assessments - audit modules can be taken in addition to your existing modules for credit.

CE1701 - Contemporary Britain for the Social Sciences: in autumn term, learn about the UK's parliamentary system and recent political history, and join a trip to an important state institution, such as the Houses of Parliament*. See module specification here.

CE1752 - Contemporary Britain for the Arts: in spring term, explore the UK's literature and culture through the lenses of feminism and multiculturalism, and experience a trip to a theatre or gallery with an exhibition or production on a related theme**. See module specification here.

Our approach to teaching and learning allows us to support confident students, whilst also providing a nurturing environment for students who are new to the writing and communication styles required at a UK university.

*transport costs into central London to be borne by student ** transport costs into central London and ticket price (we will find lowest possible/student rate) to be borne by student

The School of Business and Management

The School of Engineering, Physical and
Mathematical Sciences

The School of Humanities

The School of Law and Social Sciences

The School of Life Sciences and the Environment

The School of Performing & Digital Arts

Please note that all modules are subject to timetabling considerations and there may be changes in availability from year to year.



  • Credits at Royal Holloway are known as modules. A module is a highly structured course which provides thematic consistency; defined content and contact hours; learning outcomes; and assessment procedures.
  • Undergraduate modules are defined as either 15 or 30 credits depending on the intensity, duration, or content of the module. A 15 credit module comprises 150 learning hours, including lectures, seminars, and independent study, and a 30 credit module comprises 300 learning hours.
  • Modules equate to credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and to US semester hours as follows:
    • 15 credits = 7.5 ECTS = 4 US semester hours (approx.)
    • 30 credits = 15 ECTS = 8 US semester hours (approx.)
  • As a visiting student, you must enrol on a full-time basis and maintain full-time status throughout your stay. You must check that your credits meet RHUL requirements, which are different for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Full-time study at Royal Holloway consists of:
    • A full year for undergraduates requires a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 120 UK credits (37.5-60 ECTS)
    • A full year for postgraduate taught students (Masters) requires a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 120 UK Credits (40-60 ECTS)
    • A single term for undergraduates requires a minimum of 45 and a maximum of 60 UK credits (22.5-30 ECTS)
    • A single term for postgraduate taught students (Masters) requires a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 60 UK credits (20-30 ECTS)
    • Your home university may require you to take the maximum number of credits permitted (120 Credits for the full year, or 60 credits for term 1 or term 2 & 3 only). Please check with the international office, or relevant academic staff at your home university.
  • Modules at Royal Holloway come in three different levels, depending on whether they are suitable for first, second or final-year students in the UK.
  • Module codes starting with a 1 are first level, module codes starting with a 2 are second level, and module codes starting with a 3 are final-year level.
  • Please be aware that UK students attend school for 13 years and specialise earlier than in many other countries. This means that a level 1 course is approximately equivalent to a 200 level module at an American university; a level 2 module is approximately equivalent to a 300 level module; and a level 3 module is approximately equivalent to a 400 level course.
  • When you’re choosing your modules, bear in mind that:
    • Level 1 modules are suitable if you have little or no previous knowledge of the subject.
    • Level 2 modules are suitable if you have some previous knowledge of the subject and want to build on this.
    • Level 3 modules are suitable if you have advanced knowledge of the subject and very strong academic performance. Due to the demanding requirements, we strongly discourage visiting students from taking more than one level 3 course per term.
  • Some modules are more popular than others and we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get a place on all the modules you request. (Individual academic departments make the final decision.)
  • For this reason, if you want to join us for a full year, you should choose modules that total at least 150 - 180 UK credits (75 - 90 ECTS). If you’re joining us for just one or two terms, you should choose modules that total 90 - 120 UK credits (45 - 60 ECTS).
  • Choose modules from a maximum of three departments. However, we recommend you choose modules from only one or two departments (to minimise timetable clashes).
  • List your choices by their module code in your order of preference.
  • Only select modules that run during the appropriate term. For example, if you are only staying for Term 1, you can select Autumn term modules (which may include a V code which indicates an alternative assessment in December). You can’t choose modules that run in the Spring or Summer terms.
  • Make sure you are choosing modules that are appropriate to your study level.
  • If you apply for a module that is full or unsuitable, we will ask you to choose another from the list, or we will offer a suitable alternative.

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