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Support for students from abroad

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Support for students from abroad

We’ll give you intensive support during those first few weeks to help you find your way around the campus and settle in quickly. We’ll also help you make the most of the rest of your stay - with a packed programme of social events and cultural trips, and ongoing academic and welfare support. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Academic support

  • Each department has co-ordinators for our Study Abroad, Erasmus and International Exchange students.
  • These co-ordinators are there to advise you and answer your queries.
  • Often, they’ve studied abroad themselves and so have first-hand experience of the challenges faced by an international student.
  • We also offer academic workshops where you can consult with tutors on the challenges of studying in a new academic system.

Orientation and ongoing support

  • At the start of your time here, you’ll  attend an Orientation Programme to help you settle in quickly.
  • This programme will take place over several days and will explain key aspects of academic and social life at Royal Holloway.
  • It will also give you the chance to meet key members of staff who are closely involved with Study Abroad, Erasmus and International Exchange students.
  • We also have a Peer Guide scheme. Under this scheme, you can request to be matched with a Royal Holloway student from a department where you are studying. They can provide an informal, non-academic and non-judgmental level of support and advice about being a student at Royal Holloway.

Welfare support

  • You’ll enjoy a great deal of personal freedom during your time at Royal Holloway but if you need help with a physical or mental health issue, support is at hand. Services include counselling, physiotherapy and psychiatry.
  • Our International Student Support office can advise you on non-medical and non-academic issues, for example, visas and immigration issues. Email or call +44 (0)1784 27 6222/6168.

Specific learning needs

Our specialist disability and dyslexia advisers can support you with:

  • hearing and visual impairments
  • mobility difficulties
  • medical conditions, such as arthritis and asthma
  • learning difficulties, including dyslexia and dyspraxia

If you feel you will require special support during your time at Royal Holloway, please let us know when applying.

Social programme

  • We’ll organise a programme of social events, theatre and other cultural visits, and day trips to sites of historical interest such as Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London and the medieval walled city of Canterbury.
  • These events are a good way to network with other students and experience the UK’s rich cultural life.
  • If you’re a Study Abroad student, the cost of these events will usually be included in your tuition fee.
  • If you’re an Erasmus and International Exchange student, the social events will generally be free but you will have to pay for the theatre visits and day trips.

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