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Film, Television and Digital Production

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Film, Television and Digital Production

  • UCAS code W625
  • Option 3 years full time
  • Year of entry 2021

The course

Film, television and digital media affect every aspect of our lives. When you understand them and have a passion for how they work – in practice and theory – you'll find doors to any number of careers in the creative industries, media arts and beyond.

Studying Film, Television and Digital Production, you will become part of our creative and critical community, learning how to analyse and judge a range of cinematic, televisual and digital media forms. Then you’ll create them, from screenwriting to cinematography, directing to digital media, sound design to documentary. It's this equal combination of critical theory and creative practice that makes this course at Royal Holloway so uniquely compelling and rewarding.

You will develop critical and creative skills, including the ability to produce a range of work across media forms – from short films, screenplays and documentaries to a range of digital, interactive and immersive media. These creative practices are underpinned by a range of critical abilities, from historical and ideological analysis to an understanding of aesthetics, economics and power structures that inform media production.

Work with world-leading experts in European and World cinema, and award-winning practitioners from across the media industry. You'll trace the development of film, television and digital production across a range of national and international contexts.

Our flexible degree programmes enable you to apply to take a Placement Year, which can be spent studying abroad, working or carrying out voluntary work. You can even do all three if you want to (minimum of three months each)! To recognise the importance of this additional skills development and university experience, your Placement Year will be formally recognised on your degree certificate and will contribute to your overall result. Please note conditions may apply if your degree already includes an integrated year out, please contact the Careers & Employability Service for more information. Find out more

  • Understand how aesthetics, economics and power structures inform media production.
  • TV and sound studios, post-production and media labs 24-7.
  • Tuition from world leaders in media history, theory and practice.
  • Access to our professional location filming equipment.
  • Regular visits from industry professionals.

highest average graduate earnings

Source: 5 years after graduation, Longitudinal Education Outcomes, 2018


in the UK for Film Production

Source: Guardian University Guide, 2020


in the UK for research quality

Source: Complete University Guide, 2020

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