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Student Accommodation will help you find suitable accommodation whilst studying at Royal Holloway, whether it's in Halls or in the local area. There is also plenty of support for everyone regardless of whether they are living in our accommodation or in private sector housing.

You can choose from a wide variety of on-campus Halls accommodation, within a few minutes walk of all the teaching and social facilities, as well as an off-campus Halls option only one mile away.

Halls vary greatly in size, appearance, age and atmosphere, from the unique character of the Victorian Founder's Building, which has just undergone refurbishment, to more modern residences such as Williamson, Tuke & Butler. 

You also have the option of choosing catered-pay-as-you-go or self-catered Halls. As a resident in a catered hall, you are entitled to a discount of approximately 50 per cent off the normal price of the majority of food items you purchase in the residence's Dining Hall (please note that meals are not included in the published accommodation rates). 

You can also opt for mixed or single-sex designated areas. Many of our halls include adapted rooms, making them suitable for students with special needs. We have a policy in place that also allows medical priority| for student accommodation applications.

The College has been formally accredited under the UUK Code of Practice, which is one of the approved codes of practice for Higher Education “managed and controlled” accommodation under the Housing Act 2004. 

The Code outlines notable practice and provides benchmarks for the management - and quality - of student housing in the sector. Details can be found at the UUK website|.

No matter which residence you live in, all halls provide comfortable accommodation, good value for money and a friendly community in which to live. 

A dedicated team of residential, operational and maintenance support staff will look after you, ensuring you are provided with a safe and comfortable home throughout your stay. 

The College also appoints Deputy Community Liaison Officers to support and advise non-resident students living in the local area.

How to apply|

The majority of second and third year students are expected to reside in private sector accommodation. The majority of students rent accommodation in Egham and Englefield Green, which are just a short walk from campus and so do not incur transportation costs.

Returning undergraduate students| who are eligible for guaranteed accommodation are Choral, Instrumental, Organ, STARS, BioScience Entrant Scholarships, medical priority and Study Abroad/Exchange or Integral year in Industry students and can apply to return to halls.  Returning undergraduate students will be able to apply for a waiting list during the summer| in the event that rooms are available for the new academic year.

Private Sector

Student Accommodation operates a website called HouseSearch|, which students can use to search for private sector accommodation, and contains lots of helpful information and advice. Find out more| about renting in the local private sector.

Support in the private sector

Making our non-resident students feel part of the campus community is important to us. We have the following support in place for students living off-campus in the local area:

Welfare support

The Community Liaison Office and Support Team| are here to support and advise students who are living in the local area, primarily Egham and Englefield Green. They can be contacted for support or advice on a range of community issues. 

They also liaise with local residents and community partners to ensure Royal Holloway students are welcomed into the neighbourhood.  

Deputy Community Liaison Officers (DCLO) are available to provide advice on settling into private sector housing, help students with any issues they may have and aim to visit all first year students living off-campus at the start of the academic year.  

All the DCLO’s are members of College staff who live locally; Liz and Phil cover Englefield Green while Julia and Susan cover Egham.

Campus watch and police

Royal Holloway is undoubtedly one of the safest campuses in the UK, and the College encourages students and staff to work together to reduce the risks within the College and the surrounding areas. 

Publications offer tips and advice, and security services are contactable 24-7. 

Students can also speak with Support & Advisory Services staff and the Students' Union if they have any concerns. 

We have close links with two Police Safer Neighbourhood teams to reduce risk in the local community and will work with them on behalf of non-residents.

Be a good neighbour

The Community Support team oversees and implements the ‘Good Neighbour’ strategy advising students on behaviour in the local community with the aim of helping them enjoy and make the most of their time living with friends whilst at Royal Holloway.


Student FAQs

If there's something you're not sure about, please refer to our Student FAQs|. If your answer is not there, please use the contact details on the right.


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