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Department of Psychology


TO BE OR NOT TO BE SEEN: Perceived motion in art and nature

Why do zebras have stripes? Why are fire salamanders yellow? And why do we find stripes in art and architecture appealing? These are the questions driving the research RHUL Psychology Professor Johannes Zanker. Watch the video to find out more.


Dr Jessie Ricketts provides expert advice on children's "word gap"

Dr Jessie Ricketts was interviewed by the Centre for Education and Youth for a report that was published with Oxford University Press on Friday 23rd October 2020. 


Prof Kathy Rastle nominated for the Celebrating Impact Prize

Prof Kathy Rastle has been nominated for the prestigious Celebrating Impact Prize from the Economic and Social Research Council.

93% overall student satisfaction.

Source: NSS, 2020

5th in the UK for research quality

Source: Complete University Guide, 2020

93% of Psychology graduates are employed or go on to further study within six months of graduating

Source: DLHE, 2017