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About us

The Psychology department is located in the Wolfson Building.


Name Job title
Elitza Ambrus Teaching associate
Kavishini Apasamy Teaching Associate
Dr. Katie Ashcroft Lecturer
Amrita Bains Teaching Associate
Dr. Joseph Barnby Lecturer in Psychology
Prof. Anat Bardi Professor
Natasha Baxter Postdoctoral teaching associate
Elizabeth Beacon Teaching Associate  (Studentship track)
Aysha Rose Bellamy Postdoctoral Teaching Associate
Dr. Gabriele Bellucci Lecturer in Psychology
Emine Bilgen Teaching Associate
Dr. Deirdre Birtles Teaching Fellow
Prof. Victoria Bourne Professor (TF)
Dr. Rebecca Brewer Senior Lecturer
Dr. Gary Brown Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pyschology
Dr. Lauren Bryan Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Dr. Nura Sidarus Lecturer
Dr. Vanita Chamdal Teaching Fellow
Dr. Michal Chmiel Senior Lecturer(TF)
Prof. Marco Cinnirella Professor (Professional Practice)
Dr. Anna Crabtree Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Prof. Polly Dalton Professor in Psychology
Dr. Kira Delgado Lecturer (Clinical)
Prof. Szonya Durant Professor
Prof. Michael Evangeli Professor in Clinical Psychology
Dr. Sam Fairlamb Senior Teaching Fellow
Rebecca Ferdinand Teaching Associate
Dr. Nicholas Furl Senior Lecturer
Gaia Giampietro Teaching Associate (Studentship track)
Dr. Lucia Giombini Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Dr. Scott Glover Senior Lecturer
Dr. Pinder Kaur Lecturer
Dr. Stephen Hammett Senior Lecturer
Dr. Elizabeth Harding Lecturer
Dr. Beatrice Hayes Teaching Fellow
Dr. Carl Hodgetts Reader
Dr. Juliet Holdstock Teaching Fellow
Courtney Hooton Teaching Associate  (Studentship track)
Cheng-Yu Hsieh Teaching Associate
Prof. Rob Hughes Professor
Dr. Hirotaka Imada Lecturer
Dr. Kyle Jasmin Lecturer in Psychology
Ryan Jefferies Teaching Associate
Dr. Luke Kendrick Teaching Fellow
Zain Khan Teaching Associate
Dr. Jessica Kingston Snr Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Prof. Saloni Krishnan Professor
Dr. Robert Lachlan Senior Lecturer
Prof. Dawn Langdon Professor of Neuropsychology
Dr. Jonas Larsson Senior Lecturer
Dr. Shiri Lev - Ari Reader
Dr. Adnan Levent Teaching associate
Dr. Matteo Lisi Lecturer in Psychology
Christopher Loh Senior Lecturer
Dr. Rebecca Lucas Postdoctoral teaching associate
Dr. Olga Luzon Senior Lecturer Clinical Psychology (PP)
Prof. Andrew Macleod Professor
Dr. Anna Katharina Matke Bauer Lecturer in Psychology
Dr. Samantha Mccormick Senior Lecturer (TF)
Prof. Ryan Mckay Professor of Psychology
Prof. Amina Memon Chair of Psychology
Dr. Robert Mok Lecturer in Psychology
Dr. Jennifer Murphy Lecturer in Psychology
Dr. Toby Newson Lecturer
Dr. Nuno Nodin Senior Lecturer
Dr. Gemma Northam Senior Lecturer Psychology (TF)
Dr. Ciara O'Brien Postdoctoral Teaching Associate
Dr. David Plans Lecturer in Psychology
Prof. Helen Pote Professor - Director, DClinPsy
Prof. Narender Ramnani Professor of Neuroscience
Prof. Kathleen Rastle Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Dr. James Ravenhill Lecturer
Prof. Jessie Ricketts Professor
Gemma Rides Teaching Associate (Studentship track)
Dr. Kaili Rimfeld Lecturer in Psychology
Dr. Sarah Sampson Teaching associate
Francesco Scaramozzino Teaching Associate
Dr. Danijela Serbic Senior Lecturer (TF)
Sahana Shankar Postdoctoral teaching associate
Dr. Jeanne Shinskey Senior Lecturer
Dr. Mirta Stantic Lecturer in Psychology
Dr. Ashley Symons Lecturer in Psychology
Matt Talbot Postdoctoral Teaching Associate
Dr. Jakke Tamminen Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Dr. Kate Theodore Senior Lecturer Clinical Psychology (PP)
Prof. Manos Tsakiris Professor of Psychology
Dr. Isabella Vainieri Teaching Fellow
Dr. Vasilis Vasiliou Lecturer
Prof. Robin Walker Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Prof. Dawn Watling Professor
Dr. Gail Wingham Lecturer
Muhsin Yesilada Teaching associate
Prof. Hanna Zagefka Head of Department (Psychology)
Prof. Johannes Zanker Professor of Neuroscience


Name Job title
Prof. Bernice Andrews Emeritus Professor of Abnormal Psychology
Prof. Michael Berger Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology
Prof. Clare Bradley Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Prof. Michael Eysenck Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Prof. Elaine Funnell Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Prof. Kate Loewenthal Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Prof. Andy Smith Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Prof. Elizabeth Valentine Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Prof. John Wann Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Dr. John Wilding
Emeritus Reader of Psychology
Name Job Title
Eleanor Alderman PhD Student
Kieran Allen PhD Student
Elitza Ambrus PhD Student
Kavishini Apasamy PhD Student
Iqra Arshad PhD Student
Amrita Bains PhD Student
Elizabeth Beacon PhD Student
Emine Bilgen PhD Student
Olaf Borghi PhD Student
Diana Cheso PhD Student
Rebecca Crowley PhD Student
Christina Dimitriadou PhD Student
Rosemary Drysdale PhD Student
Rebecca Ferdinand PhD Student
Elise Gear PhD Student
Gaia Giampietro PhD Student
Danica Giles PhD Student
Courtney Hooton PhD Student
Warren Horrod-Wilson PhD Student
Cheng-Yu Hsieh PhD Student
Ryan Jefferies PhD Student
Hannah Jones PhD Student
Zain Khan PhD Student
Jessica March PhD Student
Gemma Rides PhD Student
Marianne Sarfati PhD Student
Ria Spooner PhD Student
Isabelle Verhulst PhD Student
Valerio Villani PhD Student
Name Job Title
Can Keles IT Manager
Veli Inov IT Support Officer
Ari Lingeswaran MRI  Technician
Natalie Starkey  Research Development Coordinator



Name Job title
Dr. Vivien Ainley Honorary Research Associate (Psychology)
Andrew Arnold Post-Doctoral Researcher
Irena Arslanova Post-Doctoral Researcher
Prof. Bahador Bahrami Honorary Research Fellow (Psychology)
Dr. Joshua Balsters Honorary Research Fellow (Psychology)
Dr. Denise Baron Postdoctoral Researcher
Sam Berry Research Fellow
Olaf Borghi Early Career Fellow
Bernadetta Brzyska Honorary Research Associate (Psychology)
Dr. Jon Carr Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Daniele Di Lernia Honorary Research Associate (Psychology)
Dr. John Fox Honorary Lecturer (Psychology)
Dr. Zoe Given-Wilson Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Doga Gulhan Post-doctoral Researcher
Dr. Stefanie Habermann Research Fellow
Andrew Hunter Research Fellow
Magdalena Jaglinska Research Assistant
Dr. Maria Korochkina Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Tatiana Lau Honorary Research Fellow (Psychology)
Dr. Marusa Levstek Audience Insights Researcher
Dr. Anastasiya Lopukhina Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Jamie Moffatt Post-doctoral Researcher
Imogen Moore Research Assistant
Dr. Amber Muhinyi Postdoctoral Research in Develop.Psychol
Anna Petrova Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Ayan Sengupta Research Fellow in MRI
Dr. Sonia Singh Research Fellow
Dr. Anita Smarandache Honorary Research Associate (Psychology)
Natalie Starkey Research & Development Coordinator
Dr. Ben Tappin Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr. Ruben Azevedo Honorary Research Associate (Psychology)
Laura Tierney Research Assistant
Alison Wilson Honorary Research Associate (Psychology)
Dr. Andy Woods Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Lies Zandberg Research Fellow

For Undergraduate enquiries please contact Dr Rob Hughes

For MSc Clinical Psychology, MSc Applied Neuroscience and MSc Applied Social Psychology enquiries please contact Professor Anat Bardi

For PhD enquiries: +44 (0)1784 276886 and 

For Clinical Psychology Doctorate enquiries: +44 (0)1784 443851


General enquiries: 


Department of Psychology
Royal Holloway University of London
TW20 0EX


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