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How we handle electronic information is one of the big technological questions of our age.

Enormous volumes of information are routinely stored and transmitted worldwide and huge benefits derive from the ability to automatically manage so much information.

But most aspects of our daily lives would come to a halt should the information infrastructure fail. And with these benefits come major threats to businesses, governments and individuals - possible fraud through information manipulation, deliberate damage to stored and transmitted information, and blackmail associated with the threat of damage.

The field of Information Security has grown up very rapidly in recent years. The subject embraces a wide range of issues, including security management, digital forensics, cyber crime and security testing.

The Information Security Group at Royal Holloway launched its flagship MSc Information Security masters degree programme in 1992, which was the first such programme in the world.

Since then over 4000 students from more than 100 countries have graduated from this programme.

The ISG currently supports the following programmes:

  • MSc in Information Security (on campus) - this is available in a number of different modes of study
  • MSc in Information Security (on campus) - with Year in Industry
  • MSc in Information Security (distance / online learning)
  • MSc in Mathematics of Cryptography and Communications - run in conjunction with the Department of Mathematics.
  • PhD in Information Security
  • BSc in Computer Science (Information Security) / MSci programme - run in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science.
  • Short Courses in Information Security (for Companies)


“There’s a real sense that academic progress is happening here”

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