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Department of History


Justin Champion: In Memoriam

A collection of memories of Prof Justin Champion


This Was Our Thanet project

Student creates interactive map of Thanet’s community history


Dr Anna Whitelock shortlisted for a National Diversity Award

Dr Anna Whitelock has been shortlisted for an award at the National Diversity Awards 2020 in the category Positive Role Model Award for Gender.

Hello, and welcome to the History department.

Could there be a more important time to be a historian?

The past is alive, dynamic, controversial and hugely relevant in today’s world. It is about justice and injustice, innovation and continuity, freedom and repression. It is about race and religion, ideas and beliefs, about travel, exploration and discovery, about medicine, sex and death, about architecture and art, literature and music. To be a historian is to be insatiably curious and ready to question, to challenge and to learn. It is these qualities which define our community.

The History department at Royal Holloway has an international reputation for teaching, research and public engagement. We are passionate about our work but equally committed to the well-being of all members of the department.

For more information about us or to request a visit do email me Dr Anna Whitelock, Head of Department.