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Earth Sciences - A fulfilling career awaits

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Earth Sciences - A fulfilling career awaits

A degree in Earth Sciences leads to a diversity of career opportunities – mostly in industry and the private sector, but also in universities and the public sector.

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Geologists have a role to play in global exploration for whatever raw materials we need – water, minerals, oil and gas.

Geologists understand the environment and can provide answers to global problems like climate change and waste disposal and the department’s graduates have gone on to work in a wide variety of areas, such as oil and gas industries, water authorities, environmental agencies, media organisations and news agencies, banking, insurance and consultancy.

Graduates undertake a wide variety of roles, as demonstrated below:


The highly varied degree structure and specialities of the academic staff in the Department of Earth Sciences also encourages many students to continue with further study of the earth and pursue an MSc and/or PhD programme.



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