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Handa Noh Theatre

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Handa Noh Theatre

The Handa Noh Stage is currently under refurbishment and will be unavailable for the 2019-2020 academic year.

An asset unique to Royal Holloway, the Handa Noh Stage is the only permanently-standing Noh stage outside of Japan.

The Handa Noh Stage, built according to traditional design, was a gift to our College in 1991 from the Japan Festival Committee and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The attractive exterior of the Noh studio and the vastly extended Noh auditorium were made possible in 1999 by a generous donation from Haruhisa Handa - a Japanese patron of the Arts.

Royal Holloway also has an excellent collection of beautifully illustrated Noh books, masks, fans, costumes and audio-visual material, gifts from the Japanese Noh Centre in Hosei University, Tokyo, as well as from the Great Britain Sasakawa and Daiwa Foundations.

Since 1991, Royal Holloway has hosted numerous Noh performances with the assistance of Professor Naohiko Umewaka - a distinguished Noh actor and the great grandson of the man who transmitted the Noh to Ernst Fenollosa, Ezra Pound and W.B. Yeats. Naohiko successfully completed his doctoral studies at Royal Holloway and through him we have held workshops, demonstrations and performances which served to make this art more accessible to western students.

As of 2014, Royal Holloway hosts the Noh Training Project UK (NTPUK), an annual intensive three-week workshop on Noh chant, movement and music. Led by Prof. Richard Emmert, a certified teacher in the Kita School of Noh, the workshop runs each summer.

For more information on the history and future of Noh at Royal Holloway, download our brochure日本語パンフレット


The Handa Noh Stage

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