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Discover the art of Drama, Theatre and Dance

Welcome to the Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance. Here you can explore our directory of staff, see what our alumni have achieved and read up on publications and research projects.

Drama at Royal Holloway is one of the most innovative, rigorous and lively academic departments in the world. Our sharp, original and creative students work with some of the country's leading scholars and theatre-makers in first-class learning and performance spaces. An education at Royal Holloway is a full-time, immersive experience, and you'll be working with some of the leading experts in the field, both creatively and intellectually.

We have a large number of academic staff who offer possibly the broadest perspective of any drama department in the country, providing courses and supervision on the full geographical and historical range of theatre practices and discipline. We added specialist dance modules to the curriculum in 2014.

We recently launched the Centre for Asian Theatre and Dance and the Centre for Contemporary British Theatre; we also have links with a number of major national and international arts and cultural institutions, including the National Theatre, the Shanghai Theatre Academy and the Tate Modern.

Many of our alumni have gone on to pursue successful careers in theatre - as makers, teachers, or both. Some students also go into arts, admin, management and a host of other professional careers.

Our three main performance spaces include the Noh Theatre, at which we run an annual Noh Training Summer School; the Boilerhouse Theatre; and the Caryl Churchill Theatre, which opened in 2013.

The Student Workshop is the department's busy and active student-led drama society, which mount their own productions all year round.

We're also a 40 minute train ride to the heart of London, one of the great theatrical cities of the world. We have strong links with a huge range of theatre professionals, with whom students are encouraged to work.

If you have any enquiries, you can contact any of our members of staff: we're all approachable and happy to help.

We look forward to welcoming you to the department.

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