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Mathematics and Music

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Mathematics and Music

  • UCAS code GW13
  • Option 3 years full time
  • Year of entry 2021

The course

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres.” – Pythagoras

Looking to keep your love of music alive whilst exploring the true breadth of mathematical ideas and methods? Since Pythagoras developed his theory of the unity of arithmetic, geometry and music around the fundamental laws of proportion and harmony, in the 6th century BC, the two disciplines have influenced and informed each other. They are both concerned with the creation, appreciation and analysis of abstract patterns and logical ideas. Our joint honours degree allows you to keep your career options open and pursue your mathematical and musical interests in a 50/50 split, under the guidance of inspiring teachers from both departments.

Throughout your course, you will have the flexibility to tailor your studies to your own particular interests. Alongside our core Mathematics modules in year 1, which will give you a thorough grounding in all the key methods and concepts that underpin the subject, we offer a wide range of practical and academic modules from one of UK's top music departments (Complete University Guide 2015). In years 2 and 3 this flexibility increases, allowing you to specialise in the areas of mathematics and music that interest you the most. You will develop your musicianship and mathematical skills to an advanced level, and gain a host of transferable skills such as data handling and analysis, logical thinking, communication, creativity and problem-solving.

Our Department of Mathematics is internationally renowned for its work in pure mathematics, information security, statistics and theoretical physics, and our joint BA course spans pure and applied mathematics, statistics and probability. It also offers you to chance to carry out project work on chosen topics. Meanwhile, in the Department of Music, you will be able to pursue performance and composition whilst exploring the broader historical, sociological, ethnographic and philosophical elements of music. For keen singers and instrumentalists, we offer a wide range of exciting and diverse performance opportunities and you will have access to our well-equipped studios, practice rooms and recording facilities.

We offer a friendly and motivating learning environment and a strong focus on small group teaching and academic support. You will take part in group tutorials, problem-solving sessions, practical workshops and IT classes, as well as practical music lessons and lectures. You will also benefit from generous staff office hours and a dedicated personal adviser to guide you through your studies, plus a CV writing workshop and competitive work placement scheme.

Our flexible degree programmes enable you to apply to take a Placement Year, which can be spent studying abroad, working or carrying out voluntary work. You can even do all three if you want to (minimum of three months each)! To recognise the importance of this additional skills development and university experience, your Placement Year will be formally recognised on your degree certificate and will contribute to your overall result. Please note conditions may apply if your degree already includes an integrated year out, please contact the Careers & Employability Service for more information. Find out more

  • Combine your love of mathematics and music and benefit from a varied and flexible, modular curriculum.
  • We are a friendly department with a strong focus on small group teaching.

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