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Mathematical Studies

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Mathematical Studies

  • UCAS code G150
  • Option 3 years full time
  • Year of entry 2021

The course

“The greatest mathematicians, as Archimedes, Newton and Gauss, always united theory and applications in equal measure.” – Felix Klein

Mathematics is intrinsically beautiful and satisfying to study but perhaps the true skills lie in applying it to the challenges and intricacies of the world we all live in. Our Mathematical Studies course is firmly rooted in the key concepts and techniques of mathematics, from the abstract to the practical, but it also allows you to pursue studies in related fields and to build a skill set that is unique to you and your personal interests. In years 2 and 3 you may be able to choose up to a quarter of your courses from other departments, such as Computer Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Physics or Management.

So many aspects of our daily lives rely on the skills of mathematicians – from computing and digital communications to engineering, aviation and satellite navigation, the physical sciences, economics, management, and the social sciences. Your solid grounding in mathematics will help you in any academic discipline or career that you choose to pursue. Our varied and flexible curriculum is influenced by our world-class research activities. We are internationally renowned for our work in pure mathematics, information security, statistics and theoretical physics. Provided you make good progress in year 1 you will have the option of transferring onto our four-year Mathematics MSci course (G103) or to transfer onto the second or third year of one of our other undergraduate mathematics courses, such as the more focused Mathematics BSc (G100).

Join our friendly and inspiring department and you will benefit from a thoroughly supportive learning environment. We offer small group tutorials, problem-solving sessions, practical workshops and IT classes, as well as generous staff office hours and a dedicated personal adviser who will help you with any queries or difficulties and guide you with your choice of courses and career. We also offer CV writing workshops and a competitive work placement scheme. Graduates from our department are in great demand for their numeracy, analytical skills, data handling powers, creative and logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Our flexible degree programmes enable you to apply to take a Placement Year, which can be spent studying abroad, working or carrying out voluntary work. You can even do all three if you want to (minimum of three months each)! To recognise the importance of this additional skills development and university experience, your Placement Year will be formally recognised on your degree certificate and will contribute to your overall result. Please note conditions may apply if your degree already includes an integrated year out, please contact the Careers & Employability Service for more information. Find out more

  • Enjoy the chance to pursue academic interests in related fields, whilst keeping mathematics at the heart of your degree.
  • Learn from inspirational teachers.
  • Feel at home in a lively, friendly department with a strong focus on small group teaching, where you will be known as an individual.


Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

This course is accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA). On successful completion of the programme, you will to meet, in part, the educational requirements for Chartered Mathematician status.

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