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Information for Royal Holloway students wanting to study abroad

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Information for Royal Holloway students wanting to study abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to develop new skills and experience student life in another country.

It can help:

  • enhance your overall knowledge and understanding of your subject
  • develop your intercultural skills
  • widen your network of friends and future contacts
  • Increase your independence and self confidence

You can take part in one exchange during your time at Royal Holloway. The longest you can be away is one academic year.

There are three ways of studying abroad:

  • Erasmus+ - You can spend a year at one of our partner universities in Europe and earn academic credit to transfer back to Royal Holloway.
  • International Exchange - This is our student exchange programme with international universities outside Europe. We have exchange agreements with universities in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Mexico and the USA.
  • International Summer Schools - You can apply for a place on one of the International Summer Schools offered by our Erasmus and International Exchange partner universities.

Who is eligible to study abroad?

Your eligibility to study abroad depends on your current level of study. Explore your options.

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