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Earth Sciences

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Earth Sciences

We’re dedicated to improving public and student understanding of our planet and Earth Sciences, as well as sharing our enthusiasm for the world around us.

We have an exciting series of online talks aimed at the general public which will run on Wednesday afternoons at 1 pm BST and will be followed by a Q&A session.

20th May 2020

Using seismic waves to understand the world around us: From elephants to the deep Earth.
Dr Paula Koelemeijer
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27th May 2020

Earth Science in the air - greenhouse gases, pollution, and cleaning up the planet.
 (Further info links - PDF)
Professor Euan Nisbet
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3rd June 2020

From custard to ketchup - how the key to understanding sedimentary rocks is in your kitchen cupboard.
Dr Amy Gough
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10th June 2020

Seeing the Earth underneath our feet - how does seismic reflection work?
Dr Nicola Scarselli
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17th June 2020

Energy transition - a challenge for Geoscientists.
Professor Jürgen Adam
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24th June 2020

Climate in deep time - from the Archean to the Ice Ages.
Professor Euan Nisbet
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1st July 2020

Exploring plate tectonics from home: Using Google Earth for geoscience.
Dr Ian Watkinson
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8th July 2020

How global circulation affects marine sediments, margins evolution, and global climate.
Professor Javier Hernandez-Molina
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15th July 2020

Rock mechanics at your breakfast table!
Professor Jürgen Adam
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22nd July 2020

Volcanoes and Volcanism
Professor Agust Gudmundsson
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29th July 2020

Antarctic Fossil Forests: Back to the Future for Global Warming
Professor Howard Falcon-Lang
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5th August 2020

The Future's Underground: Engineering Geoscience
Professor Richard Ghail
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12th August 2020

Messengers from outer space: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's a meteorite!
Dr Queenie Chan
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We have developed some crib sheets, complete with fun practical exercises, aimed at Year 12 / 13 students. Check back regularly for updates in line with the A-level Geology curriculum!

Module 1: Development of practical skills in geology Field Skills
Module 2: Foundations in geology Introduction to Palaeontology
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Introductory Sedimentology
Module 3: Global Tectonics Global Tectonics
Earth Structures
Module 4: Interpreting the past Introductory Sedimentology
Module 5: Petrology and Economic Geology Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Mining Geology
Fluids and Geological processes
Module 6: Geohazards Geohazards
And for a bit of fun Volcano in the kitchen

We have created a 'Tools for Schools' micro site which we hope will prove useful for teaching of the A-level syllabus in Physical Geography.

There are a selection of prediction models covering the water-cycle, the carbon-cycle, and simple climate-change; topics which are core to the A-level specification for Geography in England.
A COVID19 simulator has also been added.

Follow this link

Some free software.

Visiting your school

We’re happy to give talks on any of the hot topics in Earth Sciences. 

Email Prof Dave Waltham/Dr Amy Gough  to arrange a talk.

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