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Work while you study

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Work while you study

We know that many of you will want to work part-time while you study. We can help.

Finding a part-time job

There are lots of part-time jobs on the campus, from restocking shelves in the library to bar and catering work. The Students’ Union alone employs more than 300 students.  And if you can’t commit to regular work, there are ad-hoc positions like helping with a departmental mail shot or working as a car park attendant.

Find out more about part-time jobs on the campus.

In the local area

There are also many opportunities to find part-time work in the local area including seasonal work at Legoland, Thorpe Park and Windsor Castle; hospitality at Ascot and local hotels; and retail roles in nearby Staines or Windsor.

Find out more about part-time work in the local area.

Part-time fairs

These are organised by our Careers Service and are a good place to start your search, with local companies recruiting for roles in hospitality,  sport, education and retail, as well as on-campus opportunities.

Find out more about our part-time jobs fairs.

Working if you’re an international student

If you’re an international student from a non-European Economic Activity (EEA) country, you will generally face restrictions on your ability to work. Find out more.

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