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Moving in

You’ve accepted an offer to live in Halls of Residence at Royal Holloway. What happens next?

The arrivals period for students moving into Halls will run from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 September 2024.

If you have accepted an offer of accommodation, we will send you an email at the beginning of September asking you to complete the Induction and Arrivals modules on the Online Accommodation System. When completing the modules, you will be able to view the arrivals availability and book your arrival slot.

Once you have completed these modules, you will be given a designated check in zone and when you arrive on campus, you will be able to drive to this zone and check into your halls.

Find out more about moving in on our student intranet.

These are important online modules you'll need to complete before you move into halls. 

You will be sent an email in early September asking you to complete an induction module through the Online Accommodation System which covers information about living in halls and your commitments as a resident. Once you have completed the induction module you will be able to move onto the arrivals module and book your moving in slot.

Find out more about moving in on our student intranet.

When you arrive  on campus, you will be able to drive to your designated check in zone and check into your halls. You will then be directed to your move in location where members of staff will be on hand to help you.

If you have accepted a place in our Halls of residence you will be contacted in September with more information about moving into Halls, including information on Parking. 

Find out about Hall Receptions on the student intranet.

My contract starts on the 22nd – can I still book a slot to arrive on the 20th and will I be charged extra?
The official moving-in period for the start of the new academic year will be spread over the three days of 20, 21 and 22 September 2024 to help with managing the large numbers of people on campus. You can book an arrival slot of any of these days (subject to availability) and you won’t be charged extra, even if your contract doesn’t start until the 22nd

There aren’t any arrival slots left for the time/date I need…
The arrival slots have been set up to help with managing large volumes of people on campus. If the slot you want isn’t available, please book a slot as near to your anticipated arrival as possible – we ask that you keep to that slot to ensure your arrival onto campus and check-in goes as smoothly as it can.

I’m running late and am going to miss my arrival slot – what should I do?
Don’t worry! If you’re running late on the day, just continue to make your way to check-in. You won’t be turned away and there’s no need for you to let us know as we’ll be expecting you.

I’m going to arrive earlier than expected – is that a problem?
We ask that you try to keep arrival to the start of your booked arrival slot, however it’s not a problem if you do end up arriving earlier than expected. Please continue to make your way to check-in; there’s no need to get in touch as we’ll be expecting you.

I was hoping to move into my room before the start of the official moving-in period from 20 September – can I do that?
This will depend on whether your room, or an alternative, is available for the date you require. Please contact Customer Services with details of your request. (If you're arriving early with a pre-arranged early-arrival group, e.g. New to UK, HeadStart, and Disability & Neurodiversity, there's no need for you to get in touch as we'll be expecting you).

I’m going to move into my room after the 22nd – will that be a problem?
We anticipate that the majority of students will be moving into their Halls accommodation over the period 20 to 22 September 2024. If you are going to arrive after the 22nd that isn't a problem and your room will be continue to be held for you so that you’ll be able to check-in at your Halls Reception on arrival. Please note that you will be charged from the start date of your contract, even if your arrival is delayed.

Will I lose my room if I can't move in at the start of my contract?
We're able to hold your room for 14 days, possibly longer if we don't have a waiting list for Halls accommodation. Let us know if your arrival is going to be longer than 14 days from the start of the academic year.

Moving away from home for the first time and into Halls of Residence can mean lots of new purchases including bedding, cutlery, crockery, laundry baskets, and all sorts of other things you might not think of.

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