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Graduate profiles

Graduate profiles

Our alumni are leading their careers into sectors as diverse as law and sustainability.

The diversity of Geography programmes and their course content is reflected in the career paths our alumni have taken.  There is an incredible diversity of career choices available to graduates of the Department of Geography.

Becky works for Third Space Learning who are an educational-tech start-up; an online maths platform providing one-to-one tuition and resources to primary schools across the UK. Although initially signing up for a one-month internship, Becky has since been offered a six-month internship with more responsibility.

Alongside meeting the retention targets and reviewing weekly session and customer service, Becky has also visited many schools to offer tech support in their sessions to showcase the product of Third Space Learning.

Becky Says:

Studying geography at Royal Holloway helped her to focus in on her main interests.

“I have always been interested in the charity sector, and particularly enjoyed my Development modules, such as Perspectives on Development in third year. Through my studies I developed a sound awareness of social and global situations.

“Third Space Learning uses technology to train and qualify tutors in India and Sri Lanka and connect them to pupils across the UK for one-to-one tuition. This is a global approach to a significant social and academic problem, as we have a lack of specialist teachers in the UK. The values of Third Space inspired me to work for them, supporting students across the country and providing work for our tutors abroad.”

Becky's Advice:

“It can be hard to work out what you want to do, especially if you don’t have much experience. An internship is good experience without long-term commitment and you can figure out what you enjoy doing while you’re working temporarily.”

MA Cultural Geography (Research) involves a much more free way of studying primarily through research practice, and allows you to really hone in on your specific research interests in a lot greater depth.

Daniel originally studied a BSC in Geography here at Royal Holloway, but the lecturers in Cultural Geography made the subject “so interesting and really helped to support me in developing understandings of key themes within the branch of geography that really help on the masters.”

One module he remembers was titled “Cultural Imaginations of Nature” and it made him think about the way in which he imagines nature and how these collective imaginations can be dangerous in terms of research.

“Questioning everything I thought I knew about what I thought was a simple word made me realise that geography is everywhere, and that cultural geography was something I wanted to explore in much greater depth.”

Daniel Says:

Daniel’s tips for current geography students who want to do this masters are to talk to staff and current students enrolled on the course.

“If you do a range of modules like I did for BSc that aren’t just cultural geography, I would say make sure you focus evenly on every aspect of the course so that you have that foundation knowledge to fall back upon should you need it, but to do a little extra reading in your own time and begin to think about what your specific research interests are.

“As the course is very heavily research methods based, definitely try to think about the methods you learn about at undergraduate level in a more critical way. Not every guideline will work for your specific research, so don’t assume everything a book says is necessarily the best way to go about research for example.

“I would say the best thing to do is to talk to people about the masters, and apply early. The course is absolutely incredible, but it is very intensive. Whilst you will be in university about two days per week, make sure that you are capable of balancing your time and extracurricular activities! That really helps me to keep on top of everything.”

Ellie works for All Response Media as a Digital Media Executive. As part of her role she works with Charity clients such as WWF, Care International and Centrepoint. She helps run their online marketing campaigns through Facebook and Instagram or on Google and Bing; “It's a lot of fun to help clients reach their marketing goals by coming up with targeting lines for different kinds of audiences on Facebook, to writing Ad Copy for their paid ads on Google Search, every day is so different.

Ellie says:

“Studying Geography at Royal Holloway has helped me in so many ways. It gave me the confidence to pursue something that I enjoy, given me friends for life and gave me invaluable skills that have really come in handy having just started my first full-time job after University.

“Being part of the Geography Society also helped me to become a lot more confident with myself and working together with others. I organised the alumni event and have made some invaluable contacts through that.

“The third year course on Commodities with Phil Crang was probably one of my favourite courses throughout my time at University. It allowed me to gain an insight into the advertising industry, which gave me the drive and passion to pursue a career in digital media marketing.

Ellie's Advice:

“Don't be scared to pursue something out of the ordinary or to decide at the last minute not to do something. Enjoy the time you have at University, because they are the best three years of my life so far and every experience that I had over those three years have helped me both in my career and personally.”