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Classics research is by nature a multi-disciplinary collective. It requires particular disciplinary skills and perspectives. In trying to understand antiquity, and our particular research foci, we are constantly crossing disciplinary boundaries. The particular benefit of Classics is its intellectual diversity. We are always drawing on the knowledge of colleagues from other disciplinary areas. But that diversity is grounded in a solid understanding of and engagement with the particular skills and methodologies of the different disciplinary areas. We thus maintain strong disciplinary communities which engaged in the core debates, both theoretical and methodological, around which our disciplines are structured.

In addition to staff research, we have significant number of post-graduate researchers. Although some post-graduate researchers have cross-disciplinary perspectives and interests, many focus within a specific disciplinary area. We welcome applications for PhD study across the range of disciplinary areas. 

Royal Holloway is a connected community. We have close relations with connected Departments in the School of Humanities and welcome projects that cross those boundaries. We have had particular interest in projects using digital technologies in archaeology and looking at English-language and European cultural traditions. 

In terms of our (sub-)disciplinary communities, we are particularly engaged with colleagues from other London Colleges in the research community based around the Institute of Classical Studies in London. The Institute offers a vast range of research events, from the seminar series to the full day events to the major international conferences. The regular series of seminars brings together academics nationally and internationally, normally within disciplinary groups. Those series include long-running and regular themed weekly seminars in Ancient History, Classical Literature, Classical Archaeology, Post-Graduate Work in Progress, Philosophy and Mycenaean Studies.

These communities and institutions contribute to our strong disciplinary research identities. 

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