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Why choose Classics at Royal Holloway?

Welcome to the Department of Classics at Royal Holloway, where you can study all aspects of the Greek and Roman worlds – their literature, language, history, archaeology and philosophy – covering a timespan of more than 1,000 years.

Because they find these civilizations so fascinating, our academic staff are devoted to understanding and writing about them; they are also committed to helping you to do the same, and so to develop skills of synthesis and critical analysis which will be sought after by future employers and stand you in good stead throughout your life. 

A Classical degree at Royal Holloway will offer you the opportunity to gain a deep knowledge of the Greek and Roman world, to expand your horizons by studying Classics from new and challenging perspectives, and to look beyond the ancient Mediterranean. 

Academics in our department have expertise not only in ancient Greece and Rome, but in areas including the ancient Middle East, Roman Britain, and the reception of classical culture today. At Royal Holloway we celebrate the diverse and multidisciplinary nature of Classics by offering you the flexibility to identify and explore your interests, and the support to construct a coherent degree course that reflects what Classics means to you. 

We have both undergraduate courses (BA) and postgraduate research courses (PhD and MRes). Postgraduate taught courses (MA) are provided as intercollegiate courses by the University of London, offered jointly with King’s College London and University College London.

Classics Department graduation 2018 2.jpg

Members of the Classics Department at the graduation ceremony in 2018

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