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South Korea

South Korea

Royal Holloway has a long history of welcoming students from South Korea to study at the university, as well as an excellent partnership with Korea University.

We currently have about 25 students from South Korea studying a range of different programmes.

Royal Holloway is also located just 30 minutes from 'Korea Town' in the UK. New Malden has one of the largest Korean communities outside of South Korea, and is the perfect place to find anything you are missing from home.

The Regional Manager responsible for South Korea is Sam Gibson. For further information or assistance with making an application please contact

Sam visits South Korea regularly throughout the year, so please contact him to request a meeting or find out when he will be attending events near you.

The qualifications we accept

Applicants to Royal Holloway come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we accept a broad range of qualifications to our courses. Each applicant is considered carefully on their individual merits, but please see below for the standard minimum entry requirements for students from South Korea.

High School Diploma

If you have completed a High School Diploma in South Korea you will need to take our one year International Foundation Year or International Year One programme, or the equivalent from another institution, before beginning your undergraduate studies.

A levels & International Baccalaureate (IB)

If you have taken A levels or the IB Diploma you will be considered for direct entry onto our undergraduate programmes. Specific grade requirements can be found in the course finder entry for your chosen course.

University preparation programmes

The Royal Holloway International Study Centre provides an International Foundation Year and International Year One programme, which are designed for international students who do not quite meet the requirements for an undergraduate course. These programmes will help to develop your academic and English language skills in preparation for university. Upon successful completion, you can progress to degree level study at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Haksa (Bachelor) Degree

If you have a Haksa degree (Bachelor) in an appropriate subject and your grades/GPA are good, you will be considered for entry to a Royal Holloway Master's degree programme. Exact requirements will depend upon the programme and your grading scheme.

Most departments will ask for either 3 or 3.25/4.5, 2.9 or 3.1/4.3 or 2.8 or 3.0/4.

Please contact Sam Gibson ( directly to confirm your exact requirements.

If you have successfully completed a Suksa degree you may be considered for entry to a Royal Holloway MPhil/PhD programme.

To apply to any of our courses, you need to prove a minimum level of English language proficiency.

Students who do not quite make the English language requirements may be able to take a pre-sessional English language programme.

Undergraduate students applications are made online via UCAS.

Postgraduate applications are made on our website using the online application form.

If you are applying to a University preparation course apply to Royal Holloway directly. There is more application information in the Studying Here section of the Royal Holloway website.

You could be eligible for a scholarship. Find out about undergraduate scholarships here and go here to find out here if you are eligible for a postgraduate scholarship.

If you are considering postgraduate study at Royal Holloway, there may be external funding available to you.

Royal Holloway has a number of permanent representatives in South Korea

Tel: +82 2 2052 1221

EDM Education
Tel: +82 2 562 1278

Tel: +82 2-550-0303

IAE Edu Net
Tel: +82 2 3481 1217

We welcome a number of Korean students on study abroad and exchange programmes. We have a long established relationship with Korea University.

Please see our partnerships page for a full list of our international partners

The British Council In South Korea provides comprehensive advice on many aspects of studying in Britain

The Korean Embassy in London

UKCISA promotes and protects the needs of international students in the UK

Sarah Yun

Hi! My name is Sarah Yun. I am currently a Masters student, taking MSc International
Management at Royal Holloway in 2021-22. Prior to this, I studied at Michigan State University majoring in Hospitality Business.

Why I chose Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway has a reputation for world-class research, UK higher education degrees, and qualifications and is recognized by employers and academics worldwide. I believe that its study programme differentiates itself from others in that students get a heightened opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to drive their careers forward. For this reason, as the next step, I thought the program at Royal Holloway would allow me to develop my ideal career by equipping me with high-quality management skills.

The main reason why I chose to study International Management at Royal Holloway is that the modules they have, provide me with excellent knowledge of practical skills. Although there are many business schools across the UK that offer Masters in Management programs, I felt that at Royal Holloway, with its supportive learning environment, I would be able to conduct much more detailed research into more specialized subject areas whilst undertaking a higher level of independent study. Postgraduate students not only expect to enhance their knowledge of the field but also to improve their career prospects from their programme. Therefore, another important factor for me when considering postgraduate study was networking. In that regard, Royal Holloway enjoys an international reputation for the highest quality teaching and research across the sciences, arts, and humanities. I assumed that these factors can help postgraduate students build influential networks that could eventually lead to job opportunities after graduation.

What’s it like to study International Management at Royal Holloway

I’ve met students from various majors such as art, law, psychology, etc. (Approximately 60% of our Management students come from overseas, with over 130 countries represented across the University). It was very interesting for me because I was able to gain different perspectives from my classmates and fellow university students whilst learning about their various cultures. I am studying via the use of a range of teaching techniques for blended delivery. For example, there is the ‘flipped classroom’ where I’m introduced to the information before the class, either through pre-recorded videos or items to read online. I then meet with my professor and classmates to talk about the information in a workshop. I also use lecture recording, which means that I can watch or re-watch any of my lectures when it’s most convenient. I really like this flexibility, and the ability to watch the lecture again and again!

Our school is very supportive to recognise my own strengths, skills, and abilities so that they can help me in making strong applications for my future job. The experienced staff offer tailored support to help me boost my employability, preparing me for my career ahead. I can book one-to-one sessions, CV and application checks, and practice interviews, as well as attend skills workshops.

Working as a student ambassador

If you’re looking for a part-time job on campus, working as a Student Ambassador is a well-paid job with rewarding experiences. Being a postgraduate student ambassador, I’ve had many opportunities to get involved with many different types of work allowing me to develop skills I already have as well as gain new ones. One of the roles, for instance, is to welcome students and their families to campus for Open Days and co-operate with other ambassadors from diverse backgrounds and university staff at events. The Student Ambassador role has allowed me to develop my communication skills via the opportunity to talk to different people from various backgrounds.

Even though I was born in South Korea and studied in the USA for 7 years, I wanted to be even more knowledgeable about different parts of the world. As it is my first year here in the UK, the Student Ambassador role has also given me the chance to better understand different societies and cultures. Working with people from diverse countries and backgrounds is an amazing way to break down cultural barriers while forging new friendships.

What campus life is like

Our campus is consistently rated as one of the world’s most beautiful and has one of the world's most spectacular university buildings called the Founder’s Building which was opened by Queen Victoria in 1886. Further, the campus and the wider area of Egham is named as one of the safest areas for students to live in, with the lowest crime rate in the UK for students. Egham is a small town 15-20mins away (on foot) from campus, with a range of shops/places to eat and all you would require on a daily basis. I can also take a train from Egham station which goes straight into Central London (it only takes 40 mins).

I decided to move into accommodation provided by the university because the length of my study is only a year. As it is also my first year here in the UK, I preferred an already furnished room where I share the kitchen with a few other students who I thought I can befriend at the beginning of my stay. I was assigned to a building that is only for postgraduate students. Living on campus and close to school facilities has made it easier to connect with other students through campus activities and events. Moreover, I don’t need to waste any time commuting because everything is within a walking distance. I believe that being closer to classes, faculties, and facilities like the library, has enabled me to be more engaged and focused. I think this has definitely contributed to good academic outcomes so far!

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