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Nishall’s story

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Nishall Garala - BSc Business and Management

Nishall Garala, BSc Business and Management, is taking every opportunity on offer with both hands.

Why did you choose to study at Royal Holloway?

I’d applied to King’s but I liked Royal Holloway. I didn’t want to be too far from home but I wanted to be far enough that I would feel independent. I loved the building and I just got a great feeling about the university when I came to visit.

What do you enjoy most about Business and Management?

My course is really interesting. I’m interested in business, particularly in corporate social responsibility and making sure businesses are integrated within the community. You really have a chance to do that here. I’ve spent my third year on a placement out in the real working world. I’ve had the chance to develop my skills and see if my knowledge of the working world matches the reality. I’ve been able to put into practice what I’ve learned.

It’s been good to get away from university for a year knowing that I still get to come back to the safe environment. I’d like to go in to marketing or politics. Maybe I’ll be Prime Minister one day!

What is your favourite thing about being a student at Royal Holloway?

Being here is perfect. I’m not outgoing in that I like going to clubs but I do like going out and being social, things like going out for meals, eating rather than partying. This is a great area for finding things to do. There’s all kinds of people who come here and lots of societies to join. I’m on the committee of the Hindu society which has been a great way of meeting lots of new people.

You feel like you’re part of a really supportive community where you know everyone. You might not know people by name but you know them by face. You might be walking past someone and they’ll give you a smile because they’ve seen you somewhere, it’s a really nice aspect of Royal Holloway. You feel like you know lots of people and you’re part of a community.

What is the student life like?

I get ready at about 7.30am, then I’ll have lectures and seminars and time for studying in the day. I might meet up with friends and then get a bubble tea over in Imagine. Then in the evening I might do something with a society. I go into London quite a bit and I love to go to Virginia Water as there’s amazing walks or go to the cinema in Staines. It’s really easy to get involved with the local community here too.

I think it’s really important to get to know the wider area where you are. It helps to appreciate where you are and it helps the local community appreciate that you’re part of the university and not just here to use a service. Make the most of the opportunities that come up. Get involved in any opportunity that comes up. Take it with both hands.


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