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Royal Holloway student unites her village through song

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Royal Holloway Drama & Music student's moving NHS tribute

  • Date02 April 2020

A Royal Holloway student helped to bring residents of her village together during the Clap for the NHS with a moving performance of Italian opera.

Darcy Rak 3.jpg

Image courtesy of Darcy Rak

Darcy Rak, a final year BA Drama and Music student from Oxfordshire, was emailed by a neighbour just three hours before the event, asking if she could use her vocal talents in an Italian inspired tribute after the NHS clap.

Darcy tells us:

“I thought it was a fantastic idea and so my family helped me quickly set up in our front garden and I performed two Italian arias through a PA system across the village where I live immediately after the clapping died out.

“It was a magical experience and a brilliant way to bring the community together and there was definitely a sense of the village uniting and listening. The feedback I have had from residents has been very touching, they found it uplifting and inspiring at a time when inspiration is needed most, which is everything I could have hoped for!”

Darcy’s inspirational performance was covered by the Oxford Mail.

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