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Recognition for Holloway Notes choir

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Recognition for Holloway Notes choir

  • Date13 May 2020

Holloway Notes, a choir run by student volunteers for adults with autism, social anxiety or learning disabilities, recently won a Judge’s Choice Award at the National Societies and Volunteering Awards (NSVA).

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Holloway Notes operates as part of Royal Holloway Volunteering, and is a branch of the LinkAble charity’s choir network. The project began in May 2019, with initial funding from LinkAble, and has since grown to include roughly twenty regular volunteers and members who meet and rehearse weekly.

The choir is directed by a team of undergraduate Music students. Caroline Brown (third year) is the team leader, responsible for coordinating members and dealing with choir logistics. The choir is rehearsed and conducted by its project leaders, Andrew Moore (third year) and Faye Tolliday (second year).

A number of other students also volunteer for the project, attending weekly rehearsals and singing in the choir. They assist the project leaders by sitting with the members in each rehearsal, helping to teach the music and bolster the sound of the choir. 

In its weekly sessions the choir explores a variety of music ranging from Elvis to Adele. The volunteers strive to improve the members’ understanding of music and singing.

The NSVA Judging Panel said:

“We loved how Holloway Notes fill a gap in the community with a unique project, whilst allowing students to develop themselves effectively. We could see from their nominations that the committee’s love of music drives this society to make a positive impact”

In light of COVID-19, the choir has moved its rehearsals online, holding rehearsals via video chat on the Zoom platform. To get involved, you can message the choir on Facebook (@hollowaynotes) or email them at

Many congratulations to all involved!

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