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Cold Case Murder (latest)

  • Date04 June 2019

Dr Barbara Zipser's work on indented writing on a ransom note from a 1981 cold case received additional press coverage in the last instalment of this podcast series.

Sketch Box - Cold Case

The final instalment of this Bayern 2 radio documentary features the work of the History Department's Dr Barbara Zipser.

Ursula Herrmann was ten years old when she was abducted on her way home from gymnastics class. Dr Zipser conducted a linguistic analysis of two ransom notes, which was, along with some other data, submitted to the state prosecutor’s office by the brother of the victim. The analysis included a comparison between the ransom notes and texts written by the Werner M., who is currently serving a life sentence for this crime. The result was that M. is very likely not the author of these letters.

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