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Oslo Architecture Triennale

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Enough: The architecture of degrowth

  • Date13 September 2019

Dr Cecile Sachs Olsen is one of the chief curators of Oslo Architecture Triennale, the Nordic region’s biggest architecture festival. The Triennale opens on September 26th .


The title ‘Enough: The architecture of degrowth’ speaks to concerns about the role of architecture in responding to climate emergency:

‘Around the world campaigners, cities, and governments are declaring a state of emergency in response to accelerating global warming. Meanwhile systemic inequality continues to entrench deep divides between those who have far too little, and those who have far too much. In this unprecedented moment, an urgent question is cast into relief: how should architecture respond to a time of climate emergency and social division?’

You can find out more here:

And read more about Cecilie’s research here:

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