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New book on Planetary Health by Dr Jennifer Cole

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Congratulations to Dr Jennifer Cole on the publication of her new book on Planetary Health.

  • Date02 July 2019

Human Health in an Era of Global Environmental Change Now Published! By J Cole, Research Fellow. Royal Holloway, University of London UK

It explores the idea that human health and the health of the environment are inextricably linked and encourages the preservation and sustainability of natural systems for the benefit of human health.

Drawing from disciplines such as public health, environmental science, evolutionary anthropology, welfare economics, geography, policy and organizational theory, it addresses the challenges of the modern world, where human health and well-being is threatened by increasing pollution and climate change.

It covers a range of important issues in this emerging field, including the relationship between:

• Climate change, land use and waterborne infectious diseases.
• Sanitation, clean energy and fertilizer use.
• Trees, well-being and urban greening.
• Livestock, antibiotics and greenhouse gas emissions.

Further information can be found here.

And you can read more about Jenni's research here.

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