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KS5 student and teacher visits

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KS5 student and teacher visits

We will invite 5-6 TeacherHub participants to bring small groups to each Student Experience Visit, to give you and your students the opportunity to meet peers from other schools.

As a TeacherHub>English participant, you will have the opportunity to bring a few of your enthusiastic English Literature students to one of our special Department of English, Student Experience Visits. These are subject to availability as they will only take place a few times a year and numbers will be limited.

All visiting students will attend a First Year lecture together, on either Shakespeare in the autumn term or poetry in the spring term. This will be followed by a seminar facilitated by one of our PhD students or academics, where students from the attending schools will be encouraged to deepen their understanding of the information given in the lecture, share ideas with each other, and enhance their skills in critical thinking and the discussion of contemporary theories.

The visit will also include a campus tour, where you are welcome to explore our facilities, including the English Literature section of our beautiful Founders Library, the Students' Union, Sports Centre and The Hub.

Dates for the Student Experience Visits are to be confirmed and will be circulated to TeacherHub>English participants by email. 


For events exclusively for teachers, please see information about the annual TeacherHub>English Forum.

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