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Greenhouse gas laboratory

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Greenhouse gas laboratory

The laboratory was set up in 1994 as part of a European methane project drawing on existing expertise in the measurement of stable isotopes. Since then the focus of the laboratory work has been on the carbon isotope measurement of methane and carbon dioxide. The RHUL site provides an important location for atmospheric monitoring as it picks up relatively clean air from the SW and air with London emissions from the E.

The laboratory has been developed as a long-term monitoring site for the atmospheric gases CH4, CO2, CO, H2, N2O and radon. Recent NERC and EC grants have seen the laboratory widen its remit, extending its greenhouse gas monitoring network to the islands of Ascension and East Falkland in the South Atlantic Ocean and Barra in the Hebrides of Scotland, with ongoing investigation of the isotopic signatures of methane sources in the Arctic. Since 2013 a mobile laboratory has been used to measure and identify methane source plumes.

More information is available on the Greenhouse Gas Research Group micro site



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