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Graduate profiles

Graduate profiles

Management alumni are putting their skills to work across sectors.

Many of our alumni are active in management roles, in organisations ranging from orchestras to multinational cosmetics brands.

Management alumni

Hippolyte’s role at Sprinklr enables him to look after and learn from clients in various industries; from jewellery to automotive, financial and retail. The best think about his job is learning from these different organisations, helping them to improve the way they manage customer experience and supporting them through their digital customer-first transformation.

Hippolyte’s advice to students who are keen to work in the sector…

“I would advise any student wanting to enter the industry to gain professional experience as early as possible. I strongly encourage you to connect with and learn from people within this industry whenever you have the opportunity”.

Hana works in the Strategic Transformation team and is responsible for running of 12 Eagle Labs that Barclays has around the UK. She works with entrepreneurs, corporates and internal teams to help the companies accelerate their growth.

She says the best part of her job is knowing about the latest emerging technology, working with founders of amazing start-ups and contributing to the development of London’s start-up ecosystem.

A piece of advice - “I think apart from understanding the landscape in which banks operate, it’s important to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the new environment that banks are surrounded by today. Educate yourself on the topics that could have huge impacts on the way banks operate and the products they offer.

David’s role involves managing multiple projects and day-to-day tasks and prioritising where to concentrate your efforts first when each one seems as important as the other.

What advice would you give students wanting to enter the industry?

“University is about independent learning - get work experience whilst studying, be tenacious in your search for a role, keep abreast of market changes and the direction the industry is going in”.



James currently works in a project management role on a global technology transformation for a consumer products multinational. It is an ever changing role and very rarely are two days the same. There is always a lot of opportunities to travel and to experience working with many different people.

It can be unpredictable and the necessity to always deliver to a very high standard for a demanding client can be challenging. Overcoming tight deadlines and long hours, delivering what the clients want is very rewarding.

A piece of advice - “the hardest part is getting through the initial recruitment maze. I’d say keep your options open, get lots of applications out there and really sell yourself. Think about what makes you different, and why you would be a good consultant, and find a way to convey that to recruiters”.

Why did you choose Royal Holloway for your degree?

I actually came to Royal Holloway via clearing, but I chose them above other Unis because the campus was beautiful and they were in the top 10 for the chosen subject I wanted to do.

How did your time at Royal Holloway help your future career (academically or from an extra-curricular point of view)?

RHUL helped me in my career as my degree course used real life examples or discussions, so I could see the value of what I learnt and I could see first-hand how it applied to the world and my career path.

What do you do now and what advice would you give to anyone thinking about a career in your sector?

I work as an Assurance Associate at PwC and currently studying for my professional qualification to become a Chartered Accountant (ACA), if someone was to go down this path, my advice would be to time manage themselves as much as possible and to set strict deadlines on themselves, as the work is fast paced, and there is a lot to do at any given time, and the trap at uni is that we put a lot of work off to the last minute. That is the recipe for failure in my work!

“…is to do everything in my ability to alleviate poverty and contribute towards the economic progress of less economically-developed countries.”

Why did you choose Royal Holloway for your degree?

I chose Royal Holloway for a couple of reasons. Firstly, what really struck me when I visited Royal Holloway before starting was the strong sense of community that comes from being a campus university, which was very important for me. I was also looking for was a university that was very international and on the rise, in terms of rankings. With Royal Holloway continually being recognised as one of the most international universities in the UK I couldn’t have picked a more suitable university. Lastly, I was convinced by the courses provided, the faculty, and the facilities at the School of Management, which gave me confidence that a degree at Royal Holloway would prepare me for my future career.

What was it about the subject that interested you?

Upon commencing my studies I came to realise how broad the study of Management really was, much to my delight. Over the course of three years there were a couple of classes that really stood out. Classes such as Managerial Economics, taught by my mentor Donna Brown, pushed the students to think outside the conventional box and apply economics in new and innovative ways. It was in the third year that I realised just exactly how powerful business management really was in the world we live in today, and with this degree one could change the world for the better

As a student, what did you hope to achieve in the future?

Initially I started my degree at Royal Holloway with an interest in business but with no real idea what kind of career path I would like to pursue. Fast forward to today, and I realise that it is at Royal Holloway where I really decided what I wanted to do with my life, which was to use business to contribute towards economic development of less economically developed countries and contribute towards poverty alleviation.

Having lived in less economically developed countries for the majority of my life I always had the idea in the back of my mind that one day I’d like to help those less fortunate. It was only after I completed my degree that I realised how I could contribute towards economic development and poverty alleviation through business.

Where has your career taken you since university?

After Royal Holloway, I went on to pursue a double Masters degree at the University of Sydney and ESADE Barcelona through the CEMS program. This allowed me to improve my core competencies and learn new skills that would be beneficial to my future career. Along the way I had internships at a start-up in Bangkok, Mastercard, and Deloitte, before taking a short term consultancy contract at the United Nations in Thailand after I graduated. I’m now working in Mbale, in Uganda, with Balloon Ventures, a social capital development company, where I am working with local business to help them grow and become more economically sustainable.

What difference do you think you are making?

I believe that here in Mbale I am making a big impact. The power of my educational background and experience has allowed me to help local business grow which contributes towards the economic

Why I selected the MSc International Management at RHUL?

International Management as a subject somehow has followed me through my whole life already. I first attended a Commercial College and decided for a specialisation in this field. I liked to learn different languages and different cultures have always had a special impact on me. After finishing a degree in Business and Economics Sciences in Austria, I did not want to specialize in one single field yet but rather broaden my horizon and viewpoints further. The year for me was a transition from theory to practice. When I started looking around for an International Management programme, Royal Holloway had caught my attention. I went for a visit to see the 3 universities on my shortlist in February, and the feeling I had when visiting Royal Holloway was very positive and the atmosphere really friendly, on paper all universities looked good, but it's also always a bit of a gut feeling as well.

What I learned and/or enjoyed from my year of study? This can include the academic programme along with extra-curricular activities.

When moving to another country we leave familiar settings and this brings quite a lot of challenges. For me, it was interesting to see, how I personally developed and managed the challenges that I wanted to experience more consciously than during my first experience abroad. It is definitely a challenge worth taking! My favourite aspect of the course was the practical and critical dimension (group discussions, critical essays, practical group projects…). At my previous university in Austria I was used to learning everything in detail and very theoretically. This way, the course was great complement which allowed me to build on the theoretical knowledge and to reflect critically on theories that I have learned before. Also, one really great day was Graduation day where everyone came together again. My whole family joined me for a weekend trip and it was a really wonderful weekend with amazing weather (in December!). During my year of studying there were really great moments too: trips to London, picnics in the park, visiting markets or afternoon teas with friends I met at university are just some of them. I am glad to have met some really great people from all over the world and hope I can stay in touch with some of them.

Where I am at present? This can also include future career developments.

I moved back to my home country Austria and my current role is a position in the Global Marketing team in the Headquarters of an Austrian specialty coffee roaster called Julius Meinl that also sells tea and fruit preserves. I am responsible for Digital matters and Innovations across the Group together with my colleague. I personally did not expect to land in Marketing, but I absolutely enjoy the job,

Managing Director at Silk Road To Asia Travels & Tours Company Limited


Why did you choose to study here?

Love the campus and the wide-opened spaces is an advantage of RHUL.

How did your time here help your future career (academically or from an extra-curricular point of view)?

Wasn't really imagine that the RHUL and the lectures are very useful for my life not only for running business but also for making decisions critically and strategically. The RHUL seeded the development mechanism for further growth in life

How did your time here help your future career (academically or from an extra-curricular point of view)?

Back homeland I run a SME inbound tour operator, is called Silk Road To Asia Travels & Tours (MYANMAR), working as Managing Director with the lovely employees those who are unfortunately under skilled to level up with Global market was a bit challenging for me. However, once the passion on serving people by showing my country (sightseeing), helping people those who are in needs from the benefits of business transactions and having strong belief to be survived and be successful in this uncertainty economic development, which are the ingredients for tourism industry in Myanmar. However, Final year one module changed my perspective which encourages for me to imply my company's policies that are sustainable and responsibilities actions have to be taken into consideration in every business decision. Thanks for "business, social and sustainability".

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