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Royal Holloway bursaries - income less than £25,000

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Royal Holloway bursaries - income less than £25,000

We provide bursaries for students from England with a family income of less than £25,000 a year, worth £1,500 for each year of study.

You can select from a cash award of up to £1,500 or a discount on your campus accommodation. Cash awards are normally paid by BACS in instalments.

Am I eligible?

You must be applying for a full-time undergraduate degree starting in 2020 and have a family income of less than £25,000, as verified by the Student Loans Company (SLC). You must also be eligible for the full maintenance loan and be liable for the full tuition fees.

How do I apply?

All qualifying students are automatically considered, so no application is required. However, you must give permission to the SLC to share your household income information and details of your maintenance loan application with Royal Holloway.

Additional information

You will be considered for this bursary if you're studying a four year MSci degree.

If you repeat a year of undergraduate study you will not receive bursary support for the repeated year. You also won't receive the bursary if you spend a compulsory or optional academic year abroad.

If you already have undergraduate or higher education qualifications you won't be considered for this bursary.

Retrospective payments beyond the end of the academic year will not be made.

If you're indebted to Royal Holloway you can offset your bursary cash payment against the debt.

You must also meet all of the residence requirements to qualify as a student from England on the day your degree starts.

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