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Bobby Seagull on sharing the love of maths

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Bobby Seagull on sharing the love of maths

  • Date06 November 2019

"My why is demystifying maths"

FYW Bobby

Bobby Seagull participates in the Find Your Why campaign at Royal Holloway

Bobby Seagull appears in our Find Your Why series which is all about discovering what inspires individuals in their lives.

For Bobby, his why is to demystify maths in everyday life.

Since graduating from Royal Holloway, (BSc Economics and Mathematics 2004-07), Bobby has developed a successful career as a passionate mathematician, school teacher and author, and recently became a UK library champion. He also creates puzzles for fun.

Bobby established a high profile when he shot to fame as BBC University Challenge team captain and he is regularly seen on TV hosting of 'Monkman & Seagull's Genius Guide to Britain' with co host Eric Monkman.

In his role as an inspiring Maths champion, Bobby believes that people need maths to approach the world in a more confident manner.

Watch Bobby’s ‘My Why’ film here


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