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Best Paper Award: Evronia Azer

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Best Paper Award: Evronia Azer

  • Date08 October 2018

At the recent 12th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, the Best Paper Award was awarded to Evronia Azer (current PhD student at the School of Management) for her paper that she co-authored with her co-supervisors, Yingqin Zheng, and G. Harindranath, at the School of Management.

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The conference was held in Corfu, Greece from 29-30 September 2018 and it is the first international conference in which Evronia presents her work. Her paper titled The Paradoxes of Visibility in Activism discusses the power tensions for social movements being exposed in online settings and proposes a conceptualisation for visibility that takes into account, not only the opportunities posed to movements through online platforms, but also the challenges posed to the movements' reputation and credibility. 

Evronia is expected to finish her PhD in 2019, with a thesis by publication that spans critical concepts on the use of information and communication technologies in organising collective action in critical social settings. Her thesis builds upon the concept of "connective action" and criticises optimistic notions around how technology empowered social movements, by presenting the challenges posed to movements' wellbeing and safety. 

Well done Evronia.

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