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Pharmacosexuality Project Begins

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Pharmacosexuality Project Begins

  • Date01 June 2018

Dr Alex Dymock and Dr Leah Moyle from the School of Law have recently begun their Wellcome Trust funded project 'Pharmacosexuality: the past, present and future of sex on drugs'.

'Pharmacosexuality: the past, present and future of sex on drugs' looks at the relationship between the pharmaceuticalisation of sexuality, health promotion, and recreational drug use in sexual contexts and how this relationship might change current paradigms of sexual health.

Dr Dymock is an interdisciplinary researcher whose research interests lie in the area of gender and sexuality studies, particularly sexual deviance, pornography and feminist and queer theory. Dr Moyle's research is centred around drug markets, drug dealing and cultures of drug use.

For frequent updates on the project please visit its website here.

For more information about The School of Law's research areas and groupings please see here.

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