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Human Rights and Women’s Lives: Some Contemporary Issues

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Royal Holloway School of Law hosts research symposium on women's rights

  • Date06 December 2018

The School of Law recently held a research symposium in advance of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 focusing on women's rights.

Law Women's Rights

This event was organised by the School of Law's Human Rights and Freedoms research cluster, in collaboration with Royal Holloway's Global Challenges Research Fund Human Rights interdisciplinary research group. There were three consecutive panels chaired by Professors Jill Marshall and Ravinder Barn from Royal Holloway.

Researchers presented on two themes:

1. Visual Representations of Women;
2. Conflict and Sexual Violence.

The full programme was as follows:

1. 'The Handmaid's Tale': Professor Jill Marshall (convenor and discussant); Dr Jane Marriott (Law, Royal Holloway) 'Under His Eye: Handmaids, Symbolic Speech and Trump's America'.

2.'#MeToo #TimesUp': Professor Ravinder Barn (convenor and discussant); Drs Aislinn O'Connell and Ksenia Bakina (Law, Royal Holloway) ‘Using Intellectual Property Rights to Protect Human Rights: Revenge Porn Removal’.

3. 'Conflict and Sexual Violence': Professor Jill Marshall (chair); Dr Daniela Nadj (Law, Queen Mary University of London) 'Wartime Sexual Violence and the Interpretation of Gender in the Contemporary International Criminal Trial'; Dr Zena Kamash (Classics, Royal Holloway) 'Crafting, heritage and well-being: Reflections on the 'Rematerialising Mosul Museum' project'

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