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Getting involved

We value our alumni involvement. Your knowledge and expertise are tremendous assets that can benefit the College in many ways. Every alumnea who participates strengthens the College community.

There are many ways that you can keep in touch with the College from helping to recruit UK and international students through to mentoring opportunities and career support. Volunteering opportunities can be virtual, regional and on campus - you can be involved wherever you live!

Many alumni give their support because their experiences have left a lasting and positive impression, which they are proud. Volunteering is a way to give back and offers you the benefit of:

  • helping to create community awareness of the College's academic programmes.
  • developing your personal and professional development skills and enhancing your CV.
  • meeting fellow alumni and making new friends.
  • having some fun!

Below are just some of the ways that you get involved. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please take a minute to fill in our volunteering form|.

Connecting current students with alumni can really help enhance students’ university experience. There are a number of ways you can help:

Guest Lectures

The Alumni Office regularly holds events at which alumni come back to the College to speak about their experiences at university and their career path. From delivering a presentation to attending networking events, fostering these sorts of connections between alumni and current students is an important part of enhancing student experience. Many alumni have inspirational stories to tell about where life has taken them after College. We are keen for you to share your experiences and pass on your expertise by becoming a guest speaker/networker and to help students achieve their goals and dreams.

Alumni Profiling

The Alumni Profile campaign ‘Great minds, go onto great places’ seeks to highlight the continuing achievements of our alumni after they have graduated. The profile covers their experiences at the College and how this has helped them in their career to date. Check out our profiles of alumni| from a range of industries.

Student placements

Can you provide placement opportunities for students? Many students at the College undertake internships and summer placements. There are many benefits of offering a student placement within your organisation including:

  • building additional skills, expertise and ideas. 
  • increased capacity to engage in research or special projects.
  • knowledge transfer and increased partnership with the College.
  • enhanced profile of your organisation/sector as a potential graduate employer.

Students benefit by putting their skills and knowledge into practice; networking within a relevant work field; and enhancing their employability – all key strategic objectives for the College.

Alumni Chapters

We currently have twelve alumni chapters globally, which are being run by our network of international alumni ambassadors. The Chapters aim to promote links between alumni in cities and regions so that, wherever you are in the world, you will be able to connect with fellow graduates of Royal Holloway. Chapters run annual networking events, including guest lectures and socials; they are active on various social networks making it even easier to find your friends.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Regional Ambassador in your country then contact the Development Department| to discuss the opportunity in further detail.

For information about Royal Holloway International's visits abroad, please view the travel calendar here|.

Malaysia - Aisya Azizan

Name: Aisya Azizan

Current Job Role: Analyst

Organisation: Sapura

Email Address:  aisya.azizan@hotmail.com

Telephone: +6019 235 2345

Regional Chapter: Malaysia

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?

I did my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Royal Holloway.  I studied Politics & International Relations for my undergraduate degree. I then continued on with my postgraduate studies in Financial Economics. I did the one-year ‘Graduate Diploma in Financial Economics’ which is a conversion course for non-economics graduates.

The four years that I spent at Royal Holloway are definitely some of the best years of my life. I have made good friends with whom I am still close to (long-distance friendship of course). I have experienced a lot in my four years at Royal Holloway; from gaining an education to stressful headaches to falling in love to heartbreaks. You name it, I went through it. The people I met at Royal Holloway and the experiences I’ve gained are indeed something I would not trade with anything else. The lecturers were extremely helpful, classmates were supportive, environment was conducive for studying and yet fun for a young adolescence to explore and find oneself. The breathtaking campus also made it all even more worthwhile.

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

I would like to share my amazing experience at Royal Holloway with prospective students and also keep in touch with my graduating class and other Royal Holloway alumni.

What connection have you had with Royal Holloway since graduating?

Not too long ago, I was contacted by Royal Holloway Careers Department informing me of current job opportunities which I found very helpful. I am also still in contact with most of my classmates and some lecturers through some of the social networking sites. 

Melbourne - Simarjit Chhabra

Name: Simarjit Chhabra 

Current Job Role : Chief Information Officer 

Organisation : Xtralis   

Email Address : emailsimarjit.net|

Telephone : + 61 417 013 383

Regional Chapter : Melbourne, Australia

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

I chose to volunteer for University of London since I firmly believe that the University has much more to offer than what meets the eye. The University presents a unique platform for people from various cultures to assimilate and learn under one global umbrella.

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?

I studied MBA in International Management.

The course provides a journey into different facets of management, however, the most interesting part for me, were the plenary sessions in London. It provided a platform to meet professionals of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds from over 50 countries. We went from ‘Forming’ to ‘Performing’ like a Bugatti Sport car where we got an opportunity to established life long networks.

It certainly has reaffirmed my belief to study at University of London and provided a true sense of accomplishment.

What connection have you had with Royal Holloway since graduating?

Even though I graduate in 2012, I remain in touch with the network I have established through social media. It helps us to not only know each other on professional front but also at a personal level.

A truly global experience, for those seeking thrill of learning at an international level.        

Washington DC - Chris Holmes 

Name: Chris Holmes

Organisation: Department for Homeland Security

Email Address: Chris.Holmesdhs.gov|

Regional Chapter: Washington DC

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?

I studied Politics and International Relations. From an academic perspective, I enjoyed the debates and presentations put on by my department that included staff, distinguished guests, and the opportunity for students to interact.

Overall, there isn’t a ‘best part.’ I went into Royal Holloway just out of the American high school system.. came out three years later a stronger person all around. Looking back, I loved the highs and lows of it and wouldn’t trade it for any other experience.

 Oh.. the “last train in, first train out” trips to London were unforgettable as well.

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

I loved my time at Royal Holloway, from the department and instruction I received, to the local area and people I met during my three years in Egham. Unfortunately, information on the UK’s higher education system has to be sought out and decoded by American students interested in it. I did all the research on schools, on programs, on how to apply, on visas, right to work, where to live, etc... That needs to change for prospective overseas students so attending a good UK university becomes more a reality than a fantasy.

What connection have you had with the College since graduating?

While I unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to return since graduating, I’ve remained in contact with friends and departmental staff using facebook and email. Hopefully I’ll be returning soon enough either to visit or to continue studies.

Saudi Arabia - Muhammad Bilal Aslam

Name:  Muhammad Bilal Aslam

Current Job Role: Senior Consultant

Organisation: Deloitte & Touche Middle East

Email Addressrhulhotmail.co.uk| 

Telephone: +966 531 699 365

Regional Chapter: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?

I studied Msc. Information security at Royal Holloway. Royal Holloway is one of the top schools and research centre for teaching Information security. The College is near to London city and having good Islamic Community with a prayer room.  

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

I want to help new students and also to have social networking with alumni based in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Middle East region. As I work with Deloitte Middle East I travel almost throughout Middle East and can be an Ambassador in the ME region.

What connection have you had with Royal Holloway since graduating?

As Alumni is not very active in Saudi Arabia, I tried to contact some alumni I knew and arranged an informal gathering here.

New Zealand - Graham Fleury

Name:  Graham Fleury

Current Job Role:    


Email Address:    


Regional Chapter: New Zealand

Tokyo - Yasuyuki Ogata

Name: Yasuyuki Ogata

Current Job Role:  Senior Manager, Global Tax Group

Organisation:  Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Email Address: TokoyoChapterrhul.ac.uk|

Regional Chapter: Tokyo, Japan

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?   MBA, Strategy

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?  The opportunity to meet people.

Shanghai - Zhiwei Jiang and Wenjia Zhou

Name:  Zhiwei Jiang

Current Job Role: Commodities Analyst

Organisation: Bank of China, International

Email Addressjiangzhiweijiangyahoo.co.uk|

Telephone: (86) 135 246 888 76

Regional Chapter: Shanghai, China

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?

I studied International Management, graduating from the Masters programme in 2007. For me, the global financial markets course was a key area of interest as I want to qualify as an investor. The other courses have been very helpful in my career so far.

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

As a graduate of Royal Holloway, it is my please to contribute my time towards assisting with alumni events. I think that the Chapters are a good way for schoolmates to communicate together and share their experiences, so that is another reason I would like to be the Ambassador, to help establish the international alumni network.

What connection have you had with  Royal Holloway since graduating?

Email, journals, and the reunion held last year.

Name: Wenjia Zhou

Current Job Role: Senior Audit Manager

Organisation: Ernst&Young

Email Addresswittycutiegmail.com|

Telephone: (86) 136 366 596 65

Regional Chapter: Shanghai, china

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?

I studied for the MSc International Management. I made lots of friends from all over the world whilst on the course, and learnt a great many things about different areas of International Management.

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

The chance to establish an alumni group is a great opportunity for me.

What connection have you had with Royal Holloway since graduating?

Royal Holloway send me magazines from time to time, and I often view the website to keep up-to-date with College news.

Hong Kong - Joey Yu

Name: Joey, Chung-yee Yu

Current Job Role: Producer

Organisation: Newpage Communications Ltd.

Email Address:  yuchungyee@Hotmail.com

Telephone: (+852) 9331 7433

Regional Chapter: Hong Kong

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador? 

More exposure and networking opportunities

What connection have you had with RHUL since graduating?

I still keep in touch with former classmates and join gatherings of other alumni of Royal Holloway in Hong Kong.

Beijing - Jing Wu and Xuefei Yuan

Name: Jing Wu

Current Job Role: Marketing Coordinator

Organisation: King & Wood PRC Lawyers

Email Address: j.wu0113gmail.com|

Telephone: 0086  139 1058 1806

Regional Chapter: Beijing, China

What did you study at  Royal Holloway, and what was the best part?

I studied the MA Asia Pacific Business course, graduating in 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique study experience in one of the top leading UK universities. The most memorable part of the experience was my graduation ceremony.

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

I think that it is an honour and commitment to be able to contribute to the college that I previously studied at. It is also a great opportunity to develop my professional skills and make an impact to the community.

What connection have you had with  Royal Holloway since graduating?

I have attended College events, keep in touch with the International Office, and am a member of the Facebook and LinkedIn Alumni groups.

Name: Xuefei Yuan

Current Job Role: Account Manager

Organisation: MetaDesign (www.metadesign.com|)

Email Address: sharonbelle126.com|

Telephone: 0086 1058542482

Regional Chapter: Beijing, China

What did you study at  Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?

I studied the MA Asia Pacific Business course, and graduated in 2009. I can still remember how we were united together to ‘fight with’ exams and assignments. We used to stay in the library every night until morning discussing exam issues via all kinds of communication tools. Moreover, I made a lot of great friends who have supported me since then in many ways.

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

I am proud that I have been part of Royal Holloway, and I wanted to share my pride and passion with others.

What connection have you had with  Royal Holloway since graduating?

I attended the Royal Holloway China Alumni Dinner hosted by the British Council.

WeiboLogo|Follow Beijing Chapter on Weibo! 

http://weibo.com/rhulbeijingchapter| or search 皇家霍洛威_北京校友会

Taiwan - Johnny Chou and Joy Luo

Name: Johnny Chou |

Current Job Role: Administrative and International Affairs Manager

Organisation: Advanced Digital Broadcast Taiwan

Email Address: johnnychou_taipeihotmail.com |

Telephone: 886-229169938

Regional Chapter: Taipei, Taiwan

Name: Joy Luo

Email Addressjoymn0831gmail.com|

Telephone: 886-955623474

Regional Chapter: Taipei, Taiwan 

FacebookLogo|Join the Taiwan Chapter on Facebook!


Singapore - Benson Ang

Name: Benson Ang

Current Job: Vice President

Organisation: Citi

Email: benson.anggmail.com|

Studied: Information Security, 2011

Seoul - Changer Chang-wan Bang

Name(Changer) Chang Wan BANG |

Current Job Role: Managing Director

Organisation: BCW Consulting

Email Address: bangbcw.kr|

Telephone: +82 2 554 2555

Regional Chapter: Seoul, South Korea

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what was the most memorable part?

I studied for the MBA, graduating in 1998. I enjoyed the academic side of the course: I undertook a project as part of my dissertation on the ‘Andrew Weir Shipping Company’. Whilst studying, however, I also actively participated in the Korean Christian Congregation on campus. I was told through a friend that this society has since been extended to include all nationalities.

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

The project sounds like it will be fun, and I always like to meet as many Royal Holloway alumni as I can. I hope that its activity is helpful for prospective students who want to study at the College and in the UK. I would like it to be seen as a hub for alumni to share experience and knowledge, so that the College can stay competitive around the world.

What connection have you had with Royal Holloway since graduating?

Since starting up my own agency in South Korea I have been representing the College for a couple of years now. I also receive the alumni newsletter regularly.

FacebookLogo|Join the Seoul Chapter on Facebook!


New Delhi - Vijyendra Niranjan

Name: Vijyendra Singh Niranjan

Current Job Role: Assistant Vice President

Organisation: Total Synergy Consulting Private Limited

Email Address: vijyendra.niranjangmail.com|

Telephone: +91.94075.54274

Regional Chapter: New Delhi, India

What did you study at Royal Holloway, and what were the best parts?

I studied the MBA International Management course, graduating in 2009. The best parts were the study group and lecturers, the regular wine and pizza informal socials, and the MBA Dinner in June. By the end of the course, our group, which was made up of 28 students from 15 countries, had become very closely knit, and the friendship has grown ever since. The socials were the times that we could enjoy all fun and no studying, and I got to know some of the lecturers very well. The Dinner was the grandest show I’ve seen at Royal Holloway, and I was impressed by the arrangements and the people invited there.

Why did you volunteer to be a Regional Ambassador?

I believe that the role will help me to create new ways to keep in continuous touch with Royal Holloway and its alumni. I want to help promote the Royal Holloway brand here in India as well.

What connection have you had with Royal Holloway since graduating?

I have kept in touch by email and telephone with my lecturers, and have a good relationship with the careers advisor. Facebook has enabled me to establish connections with both class mates and other students who have studied or are studying for the qualification. Most of our conversations hinge around what’s new and what has changed. Also, I have maintained constant communication with my course mates, and still have the opportunity to assist people with their assignments wherever I can.

FacebookLogo|Join the Delhi Chapter on Facebook!



International alumni support 

Our alumni are spread over more than 200 countries. These are just some of the ways you can get involved, wherever you are:

  • hosting a reception/dinner for prospective or admitted students to raise the College's profile and give a feel for the institution.
  • building relationships internationally with local agents and the British Council.
  • calling admitted students (who have yet to accept their offer) in your area to talk to them about the College.
  • advising admitted students (who have accepted their offer) on what to expect at the College.  

Affinity groups

The alumni programme is keen to develop more affinity groups in the UK and overseas. These affinity groups will represent groups of alumni who share a common bond e.g. professional or academic affiliation, a sport, club or other College programmes. Members can enhance their own careers, participate in activities and support the College's academic departments.

Current Affinity groups include:

  • Egham Hollowegians RFC.
  • Royal Holloway, Old Boys FC.
  • RHUL BEARS Alumni Basketball.
  • The Pioneers – the first intake of male undergraduates.
  • 1970s Alumni.

Attracting and recruiting UK and international students is one of the College’s key strategic objectives. Alumni involvement in recruitment can really help increase Royal Holloway’s brand awareness and recruitment. Ways in which you can help include:

  • providing an alumni profile to feature in recruitment publications and videos.
  • engaging with online networking sites e.g. ‘The Student Room’ to provide advice to prospective students and manage perceptions.
  • attending a recruitment fair to represent Royal Holloway.
  • delivering a joint presentation with a recruitment representative to prospective students.
  • providing your contact details to act as a local representative to answer queries from prospective students about College life.
  • supporting the Widening Participation and Outreach programme.

The Development Department| would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in any of the volunteering opportunities. Please complete the volunteering profile form| and we will be in contact with you.

GarethDavies  Graduation 2010 

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