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Investing in a brighter future

Investing in a brighter future

To support students who seek to excel in their chosen field, we offer the Bedford Society Scholarship and the Red Rose Future Leadership Scholarship. Here, two of the latest recipients of each award share their experiences and what the scholarships have meant to them

Shaw (pictured), recipient of the Red Rose Future Leadership Scholarship

"Royal Holloway really appealed to me because it had a balanced feel between academia and research, and being able to enjoy the social side of university. The College already had a lot to offer, and on top of that they were awarding scholarships, which definitely made it my first choice. A lot of ‘what if’ scenarios run through your head when you are looking to apply for a scholarship, but you will never know unless you try.

Discovering that I had been awarded the Red Rose Future Leadership Scholarship for the duration of my undergraduate degree in Computer Science was a huge, but very welcome, shock. Since I have to maintain at least a 2:1 to keep the scholarship, it helps keeps me focused and engaged. It was also a massive confidence boost; having the scholarship has been a constant reminder that, if I apply myself, there’s nothing I can’t do.

I was head boy of the Sixth Form at my school in Tower Hamlets in East London, which allowed me to plan and execute projects for the betterment of our community. I ran two major projects: introducing a recycling system in school and tackling the stigma surrounding homelessness. Working alongside our justice and peace committee, I together with the head girl hosted sleepouts to address misconceptions regarding rough sleepers, providing opportunities for students to volunteer at a homeless shelter.

I also transformed my school's student wellbeing service by changing the overt nature of accessing mental health services to a more covert anonymous digital service. This allowed an increase in transparency of available services to my fellow students.

Tower Hamlets has an estimated 4,300 5-16-year-olds with mental health disorders, making it the borough with the highest prevalence of mental health disorders in children. As a current Tower Hamlets mental health ambassador, I wish to enter the field of precision medicine through artificial intelligence so that I may develop more personalised treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Hopefully one day I can be the individual who reduces this number not only in Tower Hamlets, but nationally.

However, attempting to pursue my future aspirations was potentially going to be hindered by the financial stress brought upon by being a member of a single-parent family, and the cost of my education and living costs. Through obtaining the Red Rose Future Leadership Scholarship, I have been able to focus on my future learning, attend workshops and personal development sessions as well as use my finances without stress to partake in further projects and experiments, relevant to my future research."

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Georgia, recipient of one of three Bedford Society scholarships

"Having gained first-class honours in my Psychology degree at the University of the West of England in 2016, I was inspired to work with individuals with mental health problems in a different culture. I spent a month volunteering in Sri Lanka on various projects and have since gone on to gain valuable experience working with male clients with mental health problems, intellectual disability and forensic histories in secure settings.

I decided to study an MSc. in Forensic Psychology at Royal Holloway to support the incarcerated men I worked with more efficiently. Working in a prison is a privilege. The rehabilitative culture is strong and compliments my values to support these individuals and any dependents to lead safer lives with a healthier sense of purpose. I believe it is vital to apply the knowledge that I will gain to continue to instil drive for these and other underprivileged individuals to desist from a life of crime and benefit from rehabilitation.

Studying Forensic Psychology at Royal Holloway has also provided me with essential knowledge about the legal system, criminal proceedings and the courts, and bridged the gap in my understanding of how this branch operates within, and provides towards, wider society.

I chose the College due to the prestigious reputation of the Psychology department and the research-intensive focus of the university. I aspire to conduct further research in my forthcoming role as an Assistant Psychologist in a prison, working with females who have personality disorders.

I was thrilled to discover I had been awarded the Bedford Society Scholarship for the year 2020. Receiving the scholarship reduced my financial burden and further encouraged me to thrive in my current and future studies. To have received acknowledgement of my achievements and support from the Bedford Society in this way has been incredibly motivating for me to succeed at a high level.

I am committed to my education and to the field of Psychology, where I plan to pursue a clinical doctorate, with the aim to specialise in forensic mental health. The Bedford Society’s generosity has allowed me to get closer to this goal, where I aim to give back to society by focusing on the rehabilitation of individual’s with mental health problems and forensic histories."

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