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College Council

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College Council

The College Council is the governing body of Royal Holloway and is responsible for overall strategy and policy-making.

The Council’s responsibilities

The Council is responsible for:

  • setting the overall strategic direction for Royal Holloway
  • Ensuring our financial and academic probity and our sustainability 
  • safeguarding our good name
  • ensuring that policies and processes are in place to achieve our desired outcomes and are properly executed

Council members have a Statement of Primary Responsibilities and must carry out the duties set out here. The College Council has also adopted the Higher Education Code of Governance and Statement of Primary Responsibilities drawn up by the Committee of University Chairs (CUC).

Membership of the Council

There are 25 Council members. Membership consists of:

  • the Council Chair, Stephen Cox, Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)
  • the Principal, Professor Paul Layzell, and President of the Students’ Union. They are  are ex-officio members
  • 16 independent members. These are appointed for an initial term of five years
  • three members elected by non-academic staff
  • three members elected by the academic staff
  • one student member elected by the students.

Council members are also trustees of the Founder’s Endowment Fund, a trust established in 1992 for the benefit of Royal Holloway. The Academic Board reports to the Council. See below for full details of current council members.

To contact a member of the Council, email

Council agendas and minutes

See here for recent council agendas and minutes.

Governing documents

The key governing documents for Royal Holloway are:

  • Royal Holloway and Bedford New College Act 1985
  • The College Statutes
  • Council Standing Orders and Register of Approved Policies

Independent members

Ex-officio members

Elected members

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