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Parent/guardian consent form

Parent/guardian consent form

Royal Holloway, University of London Parental/Guardian/Carer Consent Form for Year 12 Summer University

For your child to be able to attend the Year 10/11 Spring or Year 12 Summer University 2021 programmes, we will need all parts of this form completed and submitted by the deadline: 26 March 2021.

Who is the consent form for?

To make sure we can match your consent form to your child, please could you confirm their name and School/College below.

Section 1: Next of Kin

Parent/guardian/carer name and contact details.


Second next of kin contact if parent/guardian/carer is unavailable:

Section 2: Medical information & special requirements

Family doctor's name, address and telephone number.


Note: Staff members of the Spring/Summer University are unable to administer any medication to your child. Students with longer-term medical needs should have a Health Care Plan. In this case, please email the plan with the name and school of your child to:

If your child does not have any special requirements, please tick N/A.

Section 3: Consent for photography and filming

During the event photographs and video filming may be taken of your child. These materials may be used in the future to promote our Spring/Summer Universities.

Consent for applicant to attend the Year 12 Summer University

Failure to complete this form correctly may hinder your child's application to attend the Spring/Summer University. Please review the form before submitting it.