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Dr David Yuratich's why

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Dr David Yuratich's why

Dr David Yuratich | Programme Director LLB Law

“My why... is inspiring change-makers "



The interdisciplinary nature of our school means that our students not only learn about the ‘letter of the law’ but are encouraged to understand and discuss issues in their broader social, moral, and political context, helping them to navigate our complex world with confidence. Working in the relatively small Department of Law and Criminology means that I get to know my students well. It was wonderful to have recently seen our first cohort of LLB Law students graduate. I taught them from their first day to their last, and was privileged to share their intellectual journey. I look forward to seeing where their future careers will lead them. Our community spirit and our extra-curricular activities including mooting, client interviewing and negotiation competitions encourages our students to think differently and prepares them for their careers, either in the legal profession or elsewhere.


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