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Founder's Hall

Opened in 1886 by Queen Victoria, whose statue graces the centre of the North Quadrangle, Founder's has been the epicentre of campus life since the College was founded. 

It is an iconic building and students feel a sense of pride at living in a huge red brick copy of a French chateau.

Founder's is home to nearly 500 students as well as plenty of offices, the Chapel, the Picture Gallery and part of the library. There is also a dining hall, TV/common room, snack bar and laundry.

While most of the rooms have been refurbished, they remain traditional in spirit and include a mixture of single and twin bedrooms in single gender corridors. 

A number of rooms have a washbasin inside, while toilet, shower and bath facilities are shared.

All rooms have wired and wireless internet access. You will also have access to a pantry on your corridor where hot drinks and light snacks can be prepared.

refurbishment of Founder’s Building 

Example of a single room in Founder's Hall


Example of a shared / twin room in Founder's Hall

Quick facts

This is an example table caption
Hall type  Undergraduate  
Capacity 493 
Single-gender Yes
Catered Yes
Parking No
Room type Single / shared / large
Washbasin Some
En-suite No
Internet access Yes
Let Term-time


What you need to bring

The following domestic notes are to assist students in Founder's Hall, prior to arrival on campus.  

Please note that these notes are in no way intended to replace information that is in the Terms and Conditions of occupation which  must be referred to.

Letting period

You are reminded that Founder's Hall has a term-time-only contract. You must vacate your study bedroom, and clear it of all of your property at the end of each term. You must also sign out at the Hall Customer Service Point.

There will be a provision for temporary ‘vacation residence’ accommodation in Halls during the Christmas and Easter vacations. Details of this type of accommodation can be obtained from the Halls Customer Service Points a few weeks prior to the end of each term. 

Vacation residence will incur additional charges, calculated on the length of your stay. 



All study bedrooms are furnished with the following items for each permanent occupant:

  • single bed
  • single mattress (includes under-bed storage)
  • desk
  • chair
  • desk lamp
  • drawers
  • wardrobe 
  • waster paper bin.

* Please note no additional/personal furniture is allowed without the permission of the Campus Services Manager or, in his/her absence, the Head of Campus Services.

Bedding and linen

You will also be provided with the following:

  • mattress protector or flannelette sheet
  • single duvet
  • two pillows
  • two cover slips.

You must, however, bring your own sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases as well as your own towels.

Bath and shower facilities

All bath/shower facilities and toilets are shared by all residents along the corridor. The ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms varies per floor.

The facilities will be either individual baths or showers. There are not necessarily equal numbers of each and some areas will only have one of these options, not both. 

These areas are cleaned daily between Monday and Friday.



Pantries within the Hall provide the following equipment for student use:

  • a small work surface
  • a sink
  • a microwave
  • a kettle
  • an iron
  • an ironing board
  • a toaster
  • a larder refrigerator.

Pantries may be shared by up to 25 people and are simply for the preparation of beverages and light snacks, as Founder's is a catered pay-as-you-go Hall.  |

Pantries are cleaned daily (Monday to Friday). You will need to bring your own cups, plates, utensils and washing-up materials as these are not provided.


Electrical equipment

Each room is fitted with either one or two 13 amp square pin sockets but the power rating in bedrooms is a maximum of 500 watts. 

This means radios, CD players, iPod docks and portable TVs will work, but straighteners and hair dryers over 500 watts will fuse your own and other bedrooms as well. 

For additional safety, 13 amp plugs used on small appliances in bedrooms must be fitted with three amp fuses. 

The use of any cooking equipment, such as toasters, kettles and fridges, are forbidden in bedrooms under the Terms and Conditions| of your contract. Only the equipment provided by the Hall may be used in Pantries.

Most of the wattage in the Hall allows for computers with limited additions, such as a printer. All rooms have wireless and wired internet access.

Regular electrical inspections are carried out with any student found to have broken College safety regulations being charged for repairs and/or fined.

We encourage all students to have their electrical equipment PAT tested prior to moving into Halls to ensure safety. 

Fire safety

Please ensure you read the Fire Regulations posted on your bedroom door. Fire drills are held annually and fire alarm tests are held weekly

You are reminded that it is a breach of College Regulations not to evacuate the building in the event of a fire alarm. Misuse of fire equipment or failure to evacuate the building during an alarm will lead to disciplinary action being taken by the Residential Support Coordinator (or their nominee).

You're not allowed to cook food, use toasters or kettles in your bedrooms as steam and smoke will set off the fire alarms which are installed in all bedrooms. Cooking is only permitted within kitchen areas provided in self-catered halls and the pantries in catered Halls.

Fire doors must be kept closed.

You are reminded that students are not permitted to smoke in the bedrooms; smoke will set off the fire alarms which are installed in all bedrooms.

Misuse of fire safety equipment and/or malicious activation of fire alarms are criminal offences and will result in disciplinary action, with the possibility of a fine of up to £500 and/or a request to leave Hall.


TV licence

Students are reminded that a TV licence is legally required for televisions used in study bedrooms. 

A TV licence is also required if you watch or record television programmes as they are being shown on TV - whether you are using a laptop, PC, mobile phone, games console, digital box, VHS/DVD recorder or anything else.


The College does not accept liability for loss or damage to any resident’s possessions at any time and students must take out personal insurance if they wish to be covered.

Room cleaning

You are responsible for cleaning your own rooms and must supply your own cleaning materials. 

The College supplies vacuum cleaners, dustpans and brushes as well as mops and buckets. Residents are held collectively responsible for this equipment and will be charged in the event of a loss or damage.

Room checks are undertaken regularly throughout the three terms by Housekeepers / Management to monitor levels of cleanliness. Rooms consistently found to be below par may incur a cleaning charge.

Repairs and maintenance

Maintenance requests and breakages must be reported to your nearest Customer Services Point. 

Whenever possible, students are given advance notice of staff entering their rooms, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Please be aware that Campus Services staff and Maintenance Staff have the right to enter rooms for inspections, safety, or repair purposes.

Laundry facilities

The nearest laundry facilities are located in the Founder's East Undercroft area. These are operated via a pre-pay card system.  There is also a further coin-operated laundry behind The Store on Campus, which includes facilities for ironing.

Founder's Hall pantries are equipped with an iron and ironing board.


There are no parking facilities at Founder's Hall. Residents of this Hall are not permitted to bring a car to the College.


Incoming mail is placed in pigeonholes near Founder's Customer Services Point for students to collect. 

To assist you in receiving your mail quickly, please ensure that it is correctly addressed as below:


Room Number

Founder's Hall

Royal Holloway, University of London


Surrey, TW20 0EX 

Hall Reception

Your Hall Reception is Founder's Reception, located at the main entrance to Founder's building.

Support while you're in halls

Making sure our students feel safe and comfortable in their homes is important to us.  We have the following support in place for students living in Halls: 

Campus services

This is the section responsible for your overall experience of living in Halls, with particular responsibility for the buildings and services on site. 

Each Hall has a  Customer Services Point where residents can report maintenance problems, top up their College card, and gain advice on any complaints or concerns. 

These points are staffed from 7am-10pm daily (The Hub and Kingswood), 8am-10pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm at weekends (Founder's) or 9am-5pm Monday-Friday (Highfield Court).

Security services

College Security are available on campus 24-7 with their main office located in Founder's Building and two further locations at the Hub and Kingswood between 7pm-7am. 

Officers monitor campus activities on CCTV and with patrols, attending any fire alarm activations and disturbances on campus, as well as ensuring that areas are safe and secure. 

Students on campus can call Security at any time with urgent concerns, if they need the emergency services, or if they are being  disturbed by significant noise after 11pm on telephone number 01784 44 3063.

Campus watch

Royal Holloway is undoubtedly one of the safest campuses in the UK. The College encourages students and staff to work together to reduce the risks within the College and the surrounding areas.

Publications offer tips and advice, and security services are contactable 24-7. Students can also speak with Support & Advisory Services staff and the Students' Union.

Residential support

The Residential Support Office for all resident students is located in the International Building, room 008, and staff are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

The Residential Support Team is primarily concerned with the welfare of resident students. A minimum framework of regulations is designed to ensure a safe and pleasant living and working environment for everyone. Social events are organised throughout the year to welcome students and encourage integration.

Each Hall has a team of Residential Support Assistants who are available in the evenings and weekends (excluding periods of College closure, e.g. public holidays) to support students with a variety of issues e.g. noise complaints, flat meetings, emergencies, fire alarms, mediation and urgent concerns.

Hall discipline is also handled by the Residential Support Office.

For further details, please refer to the Residential Support web pages|.




We look forward to welcoming you to Founder's Hall



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