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REF 2014

This area of the website will be used to keep you up-to-date with the status of the College's REF submission. HEFCE's REF website| provides a full range of detailed information and documentation on how REF 2014 is being organised. We have also provided some of the key HEFCE documents as well as College REF documents in our REF Resources| area. 

Our REF submission - November 2013

Work on the College’s REF submission is now complete and our submission has been made. This has involved substantial work within both academic departments and the relevant professional services departments - I would like to thank all concerned for their considerable contribution.

The panels will be assessing submissions throughout 2014, with the publication of the outcomes expected in December 2014. A number of College staff are serving on various REF panels and we wish them well for what will be for them a very busy 2014.

College REF Code of Practice

The College's submission has been prepared in compliance with its Code of Practice on the Selection of Staff for Submission to the Research Excellence Framework 2014.  The Code has been approved by HEFCE.

The Code provides the principles governing our submission and describes in detail how we organised our submission and the roles and responsibilities of the various groups and individuals concerned with this work.  

Your copy of the Code

A copy of the Code was emailed to all REF eligible members of staff. Printed copies were also mailed to home postal addresses registered with HR. You can still download copies of the Code from here|.

UoA Statements and Quality Thresholds

Statements and quality thresholds were prepared for each submitting unit - you can download copies from the UoA information table|.    

Individual staff circumstances

To ensure that REF processes were fair, the College collected data on individual circumstances from staff eligible for submission. The data was also used to identify which staff were eligible for submission with fewer than four outputs.

Summary level data collected was used to inform the College’s monitoring of staff selection procedures at the institutional level and in due course, as per REF requirements.

Update February 2014 Our Equality Impact Assessment| is now available. Please be reassured that all information supplied to Panel will continue to be held in the strictest confidence.

Professor Paul Hogg
Vice-Principal, Research and Enterprise
18 November 2013


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