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Proposing outputs for REF in Pure

Royal Holloway's REF submission will be prepared using the Pure research information system. All academic staff wishing to nominate publications and other research outputs for inclusion in the REF submission will therefore need to propose them through Pure. Please note that if a research output has not been entered into Pure, it cannot be considered for REF.

Departmental policies regarding REF submission will vary. Individuals should follow the information provided by departmental REF Leads on when to nominate research outputs in Pure and what additional information to provide for each output. If you are unsure of the output nomination procedures for your department, you must contact your REF Lead. 

Note - nominating outputs does not mean the College will use these outputs in the submission nor that a researcher will be included in the final submission.

How to nominate a research output in Pure

Log on to Pure using your usual College's username and password, and open the section Propose outputs for REF2014. If you don’t have this tab on your personal overview screen, please contact Dace Rozenberga.


Pure will list all outputs currently available in the system for you to propose. These are any items with a publication date between 2008 and 2013 (including those marked as forthcoming), where you are specified as an author, editor, or other contributor. If an output is missing, please check that it has been added to Pure. More information about adding items to Pure is available on the Pure support pages.


Before nominating an output, please check that all bibliographic data (including titles, page numbers, volume and issue numbers, publishers and places of publishing (for books), ISBN and ISSN numbers) are correct. It is essential to ensure that:

  •  All co-authors who currently work at Royal Holloway have been correctly associated with an output
  •  Correct DOIs have been added where available

Once the bibliographic details have been checked, click on the blue button Propose research output (screenshot above). A new window will open. Click on the Propose for REF2014 button under a publication to nominate it for REF. 


A new window will open and you will be asked to provide additional information about the output. Please follow the instructions from your departmental REF lead on what information is necessary for your unit of assessment when proposing an output. If you are asked to provide a statement for non-text or practice-based outputs, please enter the statement in the top text-box (under 'Give your reason for proposing this output').



Click on the drop-down menu next to Rank this output and select an option to reflect whether you regard the output as your strongest, or your second, third, or fourth strongest. You may also nominate any number of reserve outputs.

If you tick a box next to a question, an additional text-box will open where appopriate. If you are unsure about the conflict of interest question, you can find a list of REF panel members on the HEFCE REF pages.

Once you have ranked the output and added all necessary information, click Apply. Repeat the process for other research outputs and click Save. You do not need to propose all of the required number of outputs at once.

The nominated outputs will be listed under heading Proposed for REF2014. Details on the information added can be edited later by clicking on the proposed output titles.

If you want to remove an output from the proposed list, click on its title. A new window will open - click on Edit under the specific title. Un-tick the box Proposed for REF2014 at the top left side corner of the screen, then click Apply and then Save. Please note that once you have removed the publication from the proposed list, the action cannot be undone and all REF-related text for that output will be lost.

Locking outputs

Once a departmental REF lead has decided that an output is likely to be submitted for REF, the output will be locked in Pure. This means that authors and output editors will not be able to make any changes to the bibliographic data. Research outputs will be locked in order to ensure that once the bibliographic details have been confirmed as accurate, they cannot be altered. You will be able to remove an output from the proposed list after it has been locked.

The outputs will stay locked until the REF submission has been completed (November 2013). In the meantime, if you spot any inaccuracies or want to make any changes (e.g., add a full text document), please contact Dace Rozenberga.

Contact information

If you have any questions about when to propose outputs in Pure or what additional information to provide, please contact your department's REF lead.

If you have any questions about the actual process of proposing outputs in Pure, or any questions to do with the bibliographic data of outputs, please contact Dace Rozenberga.

Please consult Pure support pages on how to enter publications in Pure. 


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