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Linking items in Pure

In Pure,  relations can be created between different types of content (such as publications, activities, projects, or funding) to show that, for example, a publication or activity is related to a specific project. Creating links between projects and research outcomes is essential as funding bodies, such as RCUK's Research Outcomes System, require more detailed information about outcomes of projects they have funded. By creating relationships between items in Pure, it means that it is possible for Pure to provide this type of information. It will also mean that it is less likely to have to enter the same type of data more than once in different external systems.

Creating relations in Pure is quick and easy. Log on to Pure and find the publication, project or activity that needs a link from. Click on the item and a new window will open. Scroll down to the section Relations where the different types of content that can have relations created to will be displayed.


Choose the type of item to create a relation to by clicking on the relevant icon. For example, if  a project has been opened, click on the research outputs icon to display all the publications that have been entered in Pure.


Find the publication that needs a relation to and click on the title – the link to the publication will be created. If  the relation subsequently needs to be removed, click on the minus sign (–) opposite the title of the added item.


Relations can be created to as many items as necessary. Please click Save when the links have been added.


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