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Commercialisation Seed Funds

PARK fund

The group of west London universities which formed the WestFocus consortium continue to operate a seed fund to support commercialisation projects.  The PARK fund is currently chaired by Royal Holloway and managed by the PARK board. PARK funds are generally used to identify routes to market from intellectual property derived from recent research. This may involve market analysis, prototyping and developing a business plan.

Gateway Fund

The Gateway fund was set up in 2011 with equal contributions from Royal Holloway and Science and Technology Investments Ltd, a company wholly owned by Honorary Fellow Yazan Mufti. This fund is only open to Royal Holloway staff and the funds are generally used to explore new ideas which have the potential to meet a social or market need. Typically, awards will be used to develop prototypes, carry out market assessments and for protecting any intellectual property created during the project.

More details of each fund and the application processes are described below.  The application forms are included for information purposes to provide an indication of the type of information required.  Before beginning to complete an application form for either of the funds please contact your Research & Development Business Manager in Research and Enterprise to assess the proposal; the appropriate fund from which to seek an award and to assist in the completion of the relevant application form.


Initially PARK awards are typically £10k-£12k and are used to investigate the strength of Intellectual Property and carry out a market survey to understand the value creation possibilities of the invention. Subsequent awards of typically £50k can be made to pursue the idea through prototyping  and/or developing a business plan from which to secure equity investment.

All Intellectual Property seeking investment by PARK must be owned by the applicant university. Any subsequent return on the investment is shared equally between the PARK fund and the University. The academic inventors receive a share of the University return in line with the College Code of Practice on Inventions and Discoveries.

The PARK Board meets six times per year and applications must be received by the Board secretary at least two weeks in advance of a meeting. A decision on funding will be given to the applicant on the day of the meeting. The PARK Board comprises representatives from all six WestFocus Universities plus an independent Chair and technical advisor. Board decisions on funding are made by majority voting with the Chair having the casting vote in the event of a tie.

Contact your Research & Business Development Manager prior to commencing an application.

Gateway Fund

Typically awards are between £20k and £40k and can be used to explore an idea which is commercially or socially relevant.  Applicants must demonstrate a track record of successful research and expertise in the area and the desire to steer the project through to realisation. Applications may be made at any time and will considered by the Gateway Board. A decision will be given within two weeks of submission. A unanimous decision of the Board is required for the funding to be awarded. All applications should be submitted to the Head of Business Development, Royal Holloway.

The Gateway Board consists of the Director of Research & Enterprise, Royal Holloway; the Head of Business Development, Royal Holloway; and a representative of Science & Technology Limited (ITS). Any subsequent return on the investment is shared equally between the College, ITS and the applicant. Successful  grant holders will be expected to attend a fund review meeting with the Board twice a year.

Contact your Research & Business Development Manager prior to commencing an application.


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