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Consultancy and laboratory services


Royal Holloway, University of London is acknowledged for its research excellence, which continues to be enhanced by our successful relationships and collaborations with external organisations of all kinds.

Our experts have advised companies, charities and government bodies worldwide on an extensive variety of topics. Examples include information security, oil exploration, patient health assessment, economic and healthcare policy advice and analysis of public attitudes towards current affairs.

We can work with you in a number of ways to improve the results and performance of your business.

Laboratory services at Royal Holloway


Royal Holloway is equipped with world-class research laboratories which also provide services for business. Laboratories offering services include those in the Departments of Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences and Geography. Example services include microscopy, chemical analysis, mineral identification and soil and water quality analysis.

The Department of Earth Sciences has equipment and experience that can be applied to waste  characterisation, testing materials for their leachability and their ability to generate or neutralise acidity.

The lab provides analyses and reports for AMEC. Miguel Diaz, Associate Director of AMEC Earth & Environmental's UK mining business, commented: “It means our mining services business can provide a fully integrated service to its clients and be fully confident in the quality of test data material."

Please contact us to discuss how our laboratory services can meet your business needs.

Recent consultancy work

Smart Cards

The Information Security Group Smart Card Centre (SCC) was sought out by the Dutch government to provide expert independent advice on how to understand and react to a sudden and unexpected threat to a smartcard-based ticketing system which was being deployed for public transportation in the Netherlands. The Centre was asked to provide expert analysis and advice at several stages in a national programme to counter the immediate security threats and to review the selection and planned deployment of replacement technologies and systems. The work of the SCC was commended for its expertise and professionalism.


Scientists in the School of Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway have long-standing expertise in the field of probiotics, particularly in the use of spore forming strains of Bacillus. Their network of industrial collaborations include consultancy projects for a range of organisations.

Recent consultancy projects have been carried out for a major multi-national food company and a UK based SME.  As part of a full package, lab-based analytical services were provided.

Information Security

In one long-term project, Royal Holloway’s Information Security Group has been advising one of Asia Pacific’s largest telecommunications companies on the evaluation and design of cryptographic algorithms and security protocols for the imminent next generation of mobile devices.

The Group has worked with over 50 companies and government departments, offering guidance on topics including security policies, standards and compliance and the design of secure systems for financial, government and telecommunications applications.

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