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MSc in Biological Sciences Research

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The Research Project

This is a one-year Masters by research programme beginning in September every year.

Students with a good first degree in Biochemistry, Biology or related disciplines are offered the opportunity to develop their research skills (producing and critically evaluating novel data, use of advanced bioinformatics tools and presentation skills).

The Research Project

Candidates should select their projects prior to application from one of the three major research areas within the School: Biomedical Sciences (BMS), Plant Molecular Sciences (PMS), and Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour (EEB).

Students accepted on the program will be trained and supervised by one of our Academic researchers on a single research project (usually selected by the student). Students will have hands on experience and will be trained in a wide range of advanced research methods .

This supervised project runs for approximately eight months and offers students the opportunity to:

  • Work closely with a leading scientist in their chosen scientific subject
  • Develop practical research skills in the lab or field at the highest level
  • Become independent researchers,
  • Learn to generate and critically analyse novel scientific data and
  • Obtain experience working as part of a research team

Teaching and Learning Objectives

Although this is a research degree, a complementary and inventive taught component will provide training in transferable skills and will be delivered throughout the first two terms. As part of this, there is a requirement to complete coursework, prepare and present your research to a School audience by means of a poster, designing of a web page as well as a 20 minute oral presentation in the summer term.

All elements of the programme must be passed in order to be able to submit the final project report for assessment in the summer.

Students receive regular, scheduled, feedback on their performance in taught modules, their project plan, literature review/draft introduction (autumn term), draft materials and methods write up (spring term), preparatory oral presentation (spring term); assessed oral presentation (summer term); and draft project write up (summer term).


As with most research degrees, the final write up will be assessed internally and externally at the end of the summer with the final award of a Masters by research degree in the following autumn term

To find out more contact the MSc Programme Director, Dr Pavlos Alifragis  on (01784 444988).

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